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Faculty of Applied Science
Dean's Impact Fund

Faculty of Applied Science

Double the impact of your gift! Dean James Olson will match every contribution, up to $100,000

Donate now to help UBC Applied Science experts develop immediate and long-term solutions to combat the spread of the virus, improve patient outcomes and bolster our nation’s health-care capacity.

Our community of experts at UBC Applied Science have rapidly mobilized in response to the global pandemic, leading vital initiatives to help fight the spread of COVID-19. By donating today, you can accelerate the critical development of life-saving solutions and technologies that can be deployed worldwide.

Promising projects that need immediate funding are currently underway including:

  • The use of robotics in expediting the production of face shields to protect front-line health worker
  • Testing N95 mask decontamination using germicidal ultra-violet irradiation technology, moist heat and other methods so they can be safely reused
  • Developing low-cost ventilators that can be assembled locally and easily adopted by developing countries across the globe
  • Developing enhanced suppression of aerosols during intubation/ventilation of patients

Your donation will support innovative projects like these, allowing project teams to stay nimble and take swift, decisive action in response to rapidly evolving challenges.

These solutions simply can’t wait. Your contribution today is crucial and will bring us closer to building sustained global resilience against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

To double the impact of your gift, Faculty of Applied Science Dean James Olson has offered to match every contribution, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000.