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Together in the time of COVID-19

Help support students during this crucial time

The pandemic has changed how we work, live, socialize and go to school. It’s new and uncharted territory for everyone.

In unprecedented times like these, students need your support more than ever. That’s why we’re grateful for how the UBC community comes together.

For the first time in history, students will be returning to school without having had access to their regular summer jobs and internships. Paying for rent, bills and other expenses is going to be a real challenge this year.

UBC students without financial support from their family are having an even tougher time. So tough that they are asking themselves if they really should return to school.

We say they should! And we hope you will too. Let’s show them we care, with a financial gift that will give them the confidence to pursue their chosen career and path in life.

No one wants to feel alone right now. Your gift shows students what it means to be supported by our unique community.

Aside from the financial strain the pandemic has caused, there is also a potential long-term impact. We can’t afford a gap in educated, creative and caring professionals that COVID-19 threatens to create.

All around the world COVID-19 is disconnecting us from each other. But not at UBC. The UBC community is coming together. Your support today ensures our students don’t just survive the next year but go on to reach their full potential.

Show your support for students! Post on social media at #UBCTogether

Help UBC students return to school this fall