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Winter 2018

Snowball Fight | Happy Holidays from UBC DAE!

Warm Wishes for Happy Holidays
from UBC Development and Alumni Engagement

Blue and Gold Campaign for Students collage

Thank you to UBC's donors!

Hear from UBC students about the difference donations have made to them and their educational goals – thank you for your support in 2018!


Haley Seven Deers

How an entrance award is helping an Indigenous student make a difference

Haley Seven Deers is hoping to use her UBC education to break stereotypes and help underrepresented groups have a voice in shaping Canadian society and politics – and a donor-funded scholarship is making her ambitions possible.

Dr. MV Ramana

Solving the fundamental problems of nuclear security and energy

Dr. M. V. Ramana, the Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security, is becoming the preeminent expert on nuclear disarmament.


UBC Engineering and Physics students

The gift that keeps on innovating

On the 40th anniversary of the influential Project Lab, Scott Phillips has a new project: a donation to expand the UBC Engineering Physics space that helped make him a BC entrepreneurial success story—and to inspire others to do the same.



How donors are making a difference at UBC

Climate change on your mind? UBC researchers have ways you can help where you live

UBC Library: Home to rare books, found nowhere else - thanks to UBC donors

“Smart medicines” and the future of drug delivery

New patient simulator boosts pediatric care and training


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