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Winter 2019

Warm Wishes for the Holiday Season from UBC Development and Alumni Development
Santa Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor

Thank you so much for your support of UBC students, faculty, and programs. In celebration of the holiday season, we would like to share a small selection of the amazing stories your giving has made possible — including the journey of a refugee from Syria to UBC and a new initiative to promote student wellbeing.

There is also a special message from me about our Blue & Gold Campaign for Students. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Santa Ono,
President and Vice-Chancellor

Azuz Al-Rubaye: From Syria to Vancouver

From Syria to Vancouver

At a young age, Azuz Al-Rubaye was caught up in the Syrian refugee crisis. The hurdles he had to overcome were substantial but, thanks to the generosity of donors, he is following his dreams at UBC. Read More

Change Starts at Breakfast

Change Starts at Breakfast

In November, UBC launched a new fund to support student wellbeing initiatives and invited the community to make a $10 donation. To celebrate this new fund, UBC hosted a breakfast for students. It was a huge success, with over 500 grateful students stopping by. Read More

A Four-Generation Legacy

A Four-Generation Legacy

Ross Fitzpatrick is the second of four generations of UBC alumni. His recent donations have made a huge impact in the lives of students at the Okanagan campus. He says “there’s nothing more rewarding” than giving back. Read More

Dr. Silke Cresswell: A Lifeline for Brain Health

A Lifeline for Brain Health

As the co-founder of UBC’s innovative BC Brain Wellness Program, Dr. Silke Cresswell is grateful for the support of UBC donors, who helped to kick-start the initiative. Read More

Podcast: Jaelem Bhate, conductor and composer

Recently graduated UBC Master of Music student Jaelem Bhate has a promising career as a conductor and composer in both the classical and jazz genres — after an unexpected start in science. Read More

UBC doubles student fundraising target to help realize more student potential

Blue & Gold Campaign for Students

Thanks to the generosity of almost 16,000 donors, UBC’s Blue & Gold Campaign for Students recently reached its target of $100 million for student support — almost a year ahead of schedule. As a result, we have doubled the target to $200 million by 2022. Donors like you are having a profound impact, and have inspired us to try and help even more students succeed. Read More


Jessica Schaub Your support for outstanding students, for cutting-edge research and for state-of-the-art infrastructure is helping to make a different future possible. Jessica Schaub is one of the brilliant minds at UBC who, with your help, is tackling one of the world’s most pressing challenges. Read more about her story here

Jessica is one of the amazing researchers and students featured in UBC’s the potential is yours campaign. Find out more at


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