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Student awards

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Awards at UBC

Supporting students

UBC students are the next generation of leaders — ready to drive change and tackle the challenges that affect us all. Student awards allow these talented individuals to focus more time on their studies, become more involved in the unique opportunities that UBC provides, and remove the burden of financial worry.

An award can often be the defining factor in the completion of a student’s degree. By investing in students, you will help them fulfil their potential and shape a better future through their careers and their fields of study.

Award Priorities

Accessibility & excellence

By creating a student awards, you will help remove financial barriers for talented students, and help UBC recruit the best and brightest students. There are many types of award, including fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, and experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

How to create an award

Ensure promising students had access to a life-changing education and enhance the student experience.

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Where can I get more information?

Our UBC Awards staff members are here to answer your questions and can provide guidance on how you can make an impact and the many giving possibilities that exist to support our students on both campuses.

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    Impact of your Giving—Awards Edition Spring 2023

    Your gifts in action – supporting people, ideas, and action for a better world

  • 2022

     Blue & Gold Impact Report

    You changed their world, now watch them change ours

  • 2020

    Bursary Impact Report

    Because of you, the UBC Blue & Gold Bursary fund is already supporting UBC students with financial need.



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