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Why give to UBC?

Progress toward a better world is the result of people like you coming together to create it: each of us taking whatever steps we can to make it happen.

Powered by people like you, we can do things that have never been done. Find solutions where none existed before. By supporting UBC, you are taking meaningful action to help make the world a better place, and demonstrating your belief in knowledge, research and education.

Universities are central to shaping the ideas and values of our society. The very essence of a university — especially a world-leading research university like the University of British Columbia — is forward-facing. Through the students we educate, through the research we conduct and through the knowledge we gather and share, we are creating the future.

As a top tier research university, and a go-to destination for the world’s brightest minds, UBC has the opportunity to influence what our future will look like. The world faces urgent challenges. With your support, we can find the solutions.

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UBC donors help students become leaders, help translate research into action, and help make our communities stronger. With your support, we can move the world forward.

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