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Why Give

Benefits of giving

Know that you’re supporting positive change

Whatever your passion, whatever change you would like to see in the world, you can support positive change with a gift to UBC. There are many areas at UBC that need your support, so you have the opportunity to contribute to a cause that matters to you.

When you make a gift to UBC, you are supporting people, ideas and actions for a better world. Your donation will directly support the area you choose. Whether you decide to support students, research, learning or engagement, you will be fostering global citizenship and advancing a sustainable and just society across British Columbia, Canada and the world.

You will be creating a better future for everyone — including you.

Research on giving

Giving makes you happier

Donating to a cause that matters to you has been shown to boost a person’s happiness and sense of purpose. Research by a UBC psychologist Elizabeth Dunn shows that prosocial spending is correlated to happiness. Acts of altruism have been shown to activate the brain’s mesolimbic pathway and lead to an increase in chemicals like dopamine that aid your sense of inner peace and purpose. In other words, giving is a great way to improve your wellbeing.

Tax Benefits

All online donations receive tax receipts immediately by email

UBC is a registered charity which means your gift to any UBC cause may be tax deductible, as allowed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

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  • “As a top tier research university, and a go-to destination for the world’s brightest and most inquisitive minds, UBC offers a unique opportunity to influence what our shared future will look like. The world faces urgent challenges that can only be met with innovation and collaboration. Together, with friends, donors, and alumni, we can move forward and forge a better future for this generation and the ones that follow.”

    Heather McCaw Vice-President, UBC Development and Alumni Engagement

Be part of the change you want to see. Give today.