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It’s easy — and makes a big difference

By becoming a monthly donor, you will provide long-term, sustainable support to help students reach their potential, researchers find answers, and communities flourish and grow. You will also have the good feeling of knowing you’re giving back, throughout the year.

When you sign up for monthly giving, you will also become a member of our annual donor recognition program. You will receive regular news and updates from UBC, an invitation to a private donor event, and other exclusive benefits.

Giving back feels good. And by becoming a monthly donor, you can keep that feeling going throughout the year. By making a regular, affordable contribution, you can have a real impact — by providing sustainable, reliable support to UBC.

Together, monthly donors make a real difference.

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  • “Giving monthly makes it easier for me, and it also makes it easier for UBC; they know they can rely on my support and budget for it. It’s a positive thing in my life. Every month I know I’ve helped someone. And by setting up automatic payments, I don’t have to think about it!”

    Andrea Monthly donor and UBC alumna

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