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Forward UBC

Campaign Circle

Partners in purpose


The Campaign Circle is comprised of UBC donors, alumni and friends who are committed to increasing philanthropic support and alumni engagement in support of UBC. In community engagement and philanthropy, these visionaries represent some of the change makers of our province, our country, and our global community. They are helping UBC imagine a world where we can fast forward innovation into impact; where the pursuit of health and happiness is equitable; where energy sources are transformed; where we develop a generation of responsible leaders, and together we overcome societies’ deepest divides. UBC gives our deepest thanks to this committed group for inspiring people, actions, and ideas for a better world.

*UBC alumni denoted by conferred degrees.


Honorary Chairs

Michael J. Audain
BA’62, BSW’63, MSW’65, LLD’14

Imagine a world where there is an increased appreciation and awareness of the power of visual artists.

Peter P. Dhillon
BA’88, LLD ’21

Imagine a world where the word impossible is never used.

Edwin Leong
B.Sc.’73, LLD ’19

Imagine a world in which every person ages with dignity and in good health. I was taught from a very young age to treasure our seniors. They represent the past and the present, and are knowledge-keepers for the future.

Risa Levine

Imagine a world where justice is accessible for all who seek it.


Circle Members

Ross J. Beaty
BSC’74, LLB’79, LLD’18

Imagine a world where existential threats of biodiversity loss and climate change are solved forever, allowing humans to coexist sustainably with all species.

Peter M. Bull

Imagine a world where UBC leads discovery, innovation, engagement, and ethical conduct.

Christian Chan

Imagine a world where the best of humankind, in all of its brilliance and beautiful diversity, unites behind a common vision of a healthier, more sustainable and more just existence.

David R. Cheriton

Imagine a world where education is transformed, equipping our future leaders with knowledge and skills from across disciplines to drive change.

Debra A. Doucette

Imagine a world in which tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs are collectively engaged in creating a better future.

Hamid Eshghi

Imagine a world when poverty is not a barrier to access the world’s finest education and healthcare.

Lindsay Gordon
BA’73, MBA’76, LLD’23

Imagine a world where Indigenous Canadians have equal access to healthcare.

John A. Gross

Imagine a world which is sustainable, with societies that are just, thriving, healthy, and hopeful.

Ross Langford
BComm ’89, LLB ‘89

Imagine a world where innovations from UBC lead us to a sustainable and peaceful future.

Henry K.S. Lee

Lily Lee

Imagine a world where all communities have access to education and health care.

Douglas G. Lemiski
BSc ’80, LLB ‘83

Imagine a world where UBC and Business are aligned in leading innovation for the benefit of society.

Phil B. Lind
BA ’66, LLD ’02

Imagine a world where UBC is the #1 rated university in Canada.

Brenda M. McLean
(Hon Alum)’07

Imagine a world where people respect and protect the earth and live in peace.

The Hon. Lois Mitchell

Imagine a world where people really listen to each other and understood their best intentions.

Warren M. Spitz

Imagine a world where leaders would make decisions guided solely by personal integrity and social justice.

Hari B. Varshney
(Hon Alum)’15

Imagine a world where everyone follows the Vedic philosophy of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” which means the “World is One Family”.

Ernest Yee
BA’83, MA’87

Imagine a world where everyone can access a university education regardless of their financial situation.

The campaign for UBC


FORWARD, the campaign for UBC, is advancing healthy lives, creating solutions for the planet, and shaping thriving societies. Donors and alumni are the catalyst making it happen.

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