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Faculty of Creative
& Critical Studies

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About this faculty

In the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, we examine our cultural history and pose critical questions with a view to building a creative future.

Our diverse programs offer students the opportunity to create art in a variety of media and to reflect critically on the creative and cultural productions of others. Our work combines traditional scholarly and hands-on skills with contemporary technologies, and often merges individuals’ talents through collaborative endeavours. Our students develop sophisticated analytical skills and the capacity to weave together ideas from various fields of study, addressing complex issues affecting culture and society. In doing so, our students become agents of change and builders of global understanding in areas such as social justice, the environment, media, new technologies, languages, literature, culture, creative writing, or the visual and performing arts.

Join us to help cultivate the next generation of creative, critically minded, and engaged citizens. 

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UBC Okanagan Scholarship

UBC Okanagan students become tomorrow’s leaders and professionals: scientists and athletes, artists and executives, teachers and engineers. Student awards help them to realize their dreams, contribute to society, and go out into the world equipped to make a difference.

UBC Okanagan Creative & Critical Studies – Dean’s Priority Fund

From supporting students and research to enhancing community engagement, your gift will help the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies to respond to needs as they arise.

aj Jaeger, Wanderlust, 2016. Installed in the Lower Commons

UBC Okanagan Public Art Collection Fund

With over 700 pieces of Canadian and international art and artifacts, UBC Okanagan hosts one of the largest public art collections in the region. The acquisition of contemporary Canadian art and work from emerging Okanagan artists will build the collection and allow students, researchers, and the community to engage with original pieces firsthand. This direct contact helps to increase peoples’ understanding and appreciation of art, as well as art’s role in society.

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