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Gift and Estate Planning

A special thank you

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The University of British Columbia is pleased to recognize the many advisors and firms who have assisted their clients with planning a gift to UBC in 2020 or with the planning and realization of testamentary gifts received in 2020.

Our sincere thanks to…

Brenda Cameron, Cameron & Company
Lara McKercy, McKercy Law
Patrice Newman, Patrice B. Newman Law Corporation
Tjammie Overgaard, Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP
Sylvia C. Y. Tseng, Paterson MacDougall LLP
John Lakes, Lakes, Whyte LLP
Vanessa De Dominicis, Pushor Mitchell LLP
Florence Wong, Kerr Redekop Leinburd

Many areas at UBC have been supported by testamentary gifts received in 2020. By facilitating charitable giving in your work with your clients, you directly enhance our university and its far-reaching impact on students, research and our global community.

Thank you for being a part of this legacy!


2020 estate gifts

  • Allard School of Law

    • Anne Rowles Research Award in Family Law Endowment Fund

  • Applied Science

    • Annette Stark Memorial Bursary in Nursing
    • Beatrice Patriquin Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
    • James Rolland Heyworth Graduate Bursary in Biomedical Engineering
    • Janet Gormick Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
    • Janet Gormick Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

  • Arts

    • Belkin Art Gallery Gift In Kind Fund
    • Disability Resource Centre
    • Faculty of Arts Bursary
    • Frank and Betty de Bruyn Memorial Essay Prize
    • Gilean Douglas Scholarship in English
    • Harry and Marjorie Anne Slim Memorial Scholarship in Music
    • Jan de Bruyn Memorial Prize
    • Joseph and Melitta Kandler Scholarship for Advanced Music Study
    • Violet A. Clampitt Memorial Endowment Fund for the Study of Classical Music

  • Dentistry

    • Dr. Ralph Yorsh Scholarship in Dentistry

  • Education

    • Dean of Education Scholarship
    • Education Special Projects Fund
    • Hazel and Jack Grimmett Bursary
    • James McCaffrey Enhancement Fund
    • Margaret Cameron Scholarship in Teacher Education
    • Rose Hinselwood McCaffrey Indigenous Education Bursary

  • Forestry

    • Donald S McPhee Fellowship

  • Land and Food Systems

    • Animal Welfare Fund
    • Derek Vallis Scholarship in Agricultural Sciences
    • Guichon Family Award
    • Ursula Knight Abbott Travel Scholarship in Agricultural Sciences

  • Library

    • Friends of Rare Books and Special Collections Fund
    • Friends of the Library Fund

  • Medicine

    • Ameena Patel Memorial Bursary in Medicine
    • Bike Aksu Speech Language Pathology Externship Endowment
    • John Mastalir Fund
    • Donations to support research into age-related macular degeneration
    • Dr. Gerd and Dr. Ursula Asche Memorial Bursary in Medicine
    • Geriatric Psychiatry Program
    • Graduating Class of Medicine 1956 Bursary
    • Hawa Patel Memorial Bursary
    • Jane Guay Daniells Orris Memorial Scholarship
    • Jock and Irene Graham Brain Research Endowment
    • Jock and Irene Graham Donation for Alzheimer’s Disease Research
    • Mohamed Patel Memorial Bursary in Medicine
    • Ophthalmology Trust Fund
    • Thomas Campbell Kinloch Endowment
    • Donna Anderson Fund

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

    • Diane Hales Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences for Indigenous Students

  • Science

    • Dr. Wilma Ethel Elias Scholarship in Chemistry
    • Roy Lewis Taylor and Janet Ruth (Stein) Taylor Fund

  • Campus Wide

    • Harold Anderson White Scholarship
    • Margaret Morrow Scholarship, Nelson, B.C.
    • President’s Priority Funds
    • UBC Blue & Gold Bursary

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