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Crafting Legacies: UBC’s Expertise in Estate Planning for Advisors

Navigating the intricacies of legacy planning requires more than legal knowledge—it demands a deep understanding of your clients’ philanthropic goals and intentions. At the University of British Columbia, our skilled Gift and Estate Planning professionals are equipped to assist both you and your clients in this meaningful journey. Please contact us at 604-822-5373 or at heritage.circle@ubc.ca. We offer specialized services in drafting customized will wording that reflects your clients’ wishes for their gifts to UBC. By paying close attention to the details and nuances of a future gift, we ensure that the spirit of their philanthropic intentions can be fully honored.

The process of leaving a legacy to a diverse and expansive institution like UBC involves unique considerations. Our team’s proficiency extends beyond will wording to providing comprehensive guidance in navigating these complexities. We are adept at exploring the most impactful and tax-efficient giving options, ensuring that each gift maximizes its potential to achieve its intended purpose.

Additionally, we often collaborate directly with donors and friends of UBC to discuss and plan the appropriate recognition of their legacy. This collaboration not only ensures that their wishes are carried out effectively but also saves legal professionals valuable time. Our team’s expertise lies in creating a lasting and meaningful connection to UBC with each donor’s generosity.

We understand the urgency and sensitivity involved in estate planning. To this end, we are committed to prompt and efficient service, typically providing the required will wording and guidance within one business day.

By partnering with our team, you gain access to tailored support, ensuring that your client’s legacy can be carried out and impactful. We invite you to reach out to us at 604-822-5373 or at heritage.circle@ubc.ca for assistance in estate planning related to UBC. Together, we can ensure that your clients’ final wishes are fulfilled with care, precision, and deep respect for their legacy.

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