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What do you care about most? Science? Medicine? Art? Music? Varsity sports? Student success? Do you dream about happiness? Or do you lose sleep thinking about creatures of the deep?

Whatever your passion, UBC has a student, a scholar, a program or a whole Faculty committed to bringing it more fully to life. You can choose. And whatever you choose, be assured: your gift will have a lasting impact.


Enduring priorities

You can designate your gift to any faculty, department or program at UBC’s Vancouver or Okanagan Campus. We will help tailor your gift in a way that is most meaningful to you.



Every student who earns admission to UBC is exceptional; they all deserve your support. Some need financial assistance – a bursary. Others demonstrate a record of brilliance and accomplishment that demands recognition – a scholarship. Your gift can change the future, for a deserving individual and, through them, for us all.

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From nanostructures to 30-metre telescopes, from brain health to social policy innovation, UBC researchers on both campuses are advancing the state of human knowledge, capacity and potential. Your gift could fund a Chair or Professorship, helping UBC attract more of the best scholars in the world. It might enable us to purchase the kind of equipment that makes innovation and discovery possible. It might, literally, change the world.


Meeting urgent needs

If you are passionate about a specific program, you can choose where your gift goes. Alternatively, an unrestricted gift helps the university (or an area of your choosing) where and when it’s needed most. Achieving excellence is often a matter of seizing opportunities; unrestricted gifts help us do just that.



Endowments are the gifts that, literally, keep on giving. Endowment gifts are invested and protected: only the interest is used, providing stable, annual funding for programs, students, equipment, research and faculty positions. Often created as a memorial tribute, an endowed gift can be established in your name or in the name of a loved one.

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