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Blue & Gold leaves a lasting impact

You changed their world, now watch them change ours

We raised more than $211-million to help UBC students reach their full potential. The Blue & Gold Campaign for Students wrapped up on March 31, 2022, but the impact of giving on the lives of students will last a lifetime.

So many exceptional students are unable to pursue their dreams due to financial constraints. However, generous donors have offered life-changing opportunities to many students, including those from under-represented communities, through fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

The impact of your giving will continue long after the campaign close. We have a commitment to ensuring that deserving students who want to pursue an education at UBC can be here and that extraordinary scholars receive the recognition they deserve.

The Blue & Gold Campaign for Students helped create a pathway for a new generation of leaders that reflects Canada’s rich diversity.

Thank you from UBC students

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  • “The scholarship was the only reason I could afford to come to UBC. It moved my dreams from thinking about my small community in Uganda to thinking about the world as well. It was a life-changing moment.”

    Juma Orach 2nd year, Master of Science, Experimental Medicine
  • “Every donation is going to have a huge impact on other people’s lives — not just on the students but on all the people they will affect later on in their careers.”

    Haley Seven Deers 3rd year, History and Anthropology
  • “Donor support allowed me to get involved in projects that are bringing drinking-water solutions to places in BC that have never had safe clean water.”

    Karl Zimmerman 2yr PhD, Chemical & Biological Engineering
  • “What I’d like to say to donors is first thank you for this incredible opportunity and secondly, I hope they continue funding UBC students so we can keep on making medical breakthroughs here at UBC.”

    Aarthi Gobinath Graduated PhD, Neuroscience

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