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Faculty of
Land and Food Systems

Support the future of land and food systems

About this faculty

We are a faculty of superheroes. If you think about it, the goal of any good superhero is to save the world – which is exactly what our faculty members, staff and students set out to do every day by addressing global issues surrounding health and sustainable land and food systems.

And there is much that needs to be saved. All living things depend on the sustainability of the earth’s resources, and learning how to protect and better manage those limited resources is crucial to our survival. Critical environmental issues like water pollution, food shortages and rising temperatures could have a catastrophic effect on our ability to meet basic human needs in the near future.

Here’s the good news: experts in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems are working on solutions to many of these problems. Our researchers are studying everything from climate change and storm water management to the relationship between food, nutrition, diet and health. The research discoveries being made here have the potential to reach across borders for world-wide applications.

We’re also sharing what we’ve learned with the next generation of scientists – our students. They come to us with a strong sense of global responsibility, passionate about creating positive and lasting change. We believe that by providing them with the opportunity to learn outside the traditional classroom – whether it’s through an internship in their chosen field, taking part in a community-based experiential learning project or studying overseas – we can enhance their education and help them develop the skills they need to make their mark.

I can personally attest to the quality of education that our students receive, having once been a student here myself. To be able to return as Dean is particularly rewarding for me and I’m looking forward to working together and helping to shape the future of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Dr. Rickey Y. Yada, Dean
Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Our Vision

The Faculty of Land and Food Systems is a world leader in integrated research, education and service to address critical global issues around human health and a sustainable food supply.

Our Mission

The UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems uses student-centered learning to educate new generations of scientists equipped to solve the most fundamental issues faced by society — those focused around human health, a sustainable food supply and the responsible use of finite land and water resources. To that end, Faculty initiatives foster and support research excellence, innovative active learning environments, strong community connections, and global and local collaborations.

What We Do Differently

Experts in our faculty — including our students — are developing workable solutions that address global issues in the areas of health, sustainable food systems and managing our limited resources. We learn together, ask questions of each other, innovate, iterate and collaborate across disciplines and industries to solve problems. Through co-op work terms, field experiences, community projects and international study, our students develop a rich complement of skills and competencies that not only gives them a competitive advantage upon graduation, but that pushes them farther down the road to creating lasting change.

The world needs saving. We create the thinkers who go out and do it.

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Companion Animal Welfare

The UBC Program in Animal Welfare was established in 1997 and has become one of the world’s foremost research groups working on animal welfare. For example, dairy farmers use this research to improve the health and comfort of cattle, with significant, positive economic implications. Animals also share our homes and become part of our families. With all that animals give us, is there a way to recognize the complexity of this relationship?

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