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Build the future of two-way learning with the Downtown Eastside

About this unit

There’s no place like it in Canada. Where a university joins a community to create a shared space for learning. At this place everyone learns together, with both hearts and minds.

It’s the kind of learning that can change the world. We’re a non-traditional academic space in the community and we’ve been here since 1999. We bring people together who might otherwise not connect — we’re a hub where ideas are exchanged. Our work is grounded in the value of a learning exchange — the idea that learning is a ‘two-way street’.

We build capacity for people from the Downtown Eastside and the University of British Columbia to learn from each other and work toward a better future together.

How we’re involved

What we’ve learned

Innovative learning that leads to social change can come from something as simple as a shared space where individual and community strengths are valued.

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Your gift will help the Learning Exchange continue to create environments and programs where people connect, pursue shared interests, build relationships and trust, and learn from each other. Learning Exchange programs offer community connection and skill development for Downtown Eastside residents, deepen research collaborations and impact, enhance student experiential learning, and strengthen partnerships with Downtown Eastside organizations.

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