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Downtown Eastside
Learning Exchange

Support two-way learning between Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and UBC

Downtown Eastside Learning Exchange

We’re here to connect people — Downtown Eastside residents, UBC students and faculty, and community organizations — to learn from each other. We create a unique shared space for exploring ideas and opportunities, a learning hub where members of the community and the university can exchange experience and expertise.

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Share what you know – learn what you need

This is a place where everyone has something to teach and something to learn. It’s a different way of learning that recognizes both strengths and needs – empowering people and changing communities. We value life experience. Share your interests, knowledge and skills in conversation and computer sessions; guide group or individual learning; or participate in social, cultural and artistic activities.

Spanning boundaries, building capacity for change

As a non-traditional academic space, we’re able to bridge conventional boundaries by sharing knowledge created in both the university and the community. We do this year-round with:

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Downtown Eastside Learning Exchange

Your gift will help the Learning Exchange continue to create environments and programs where people connect, pursue shared interests, build relationships and trust, and learn from each other. Learning Exchange programs offer community connection and skill development for Downtown Eastside residents, deepen research collaborations and impact, enhance student experiential learning, and strengthen partnerships with Downtown Eastside organizations.

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