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UBC Library is one of the top research libraries in Canada. Our rich collections have been shaped and enriched by gifts of many kinds.

Today we rely on a combination of endowments, cash gifts and collections to build on the margin of excellence that we strive to offer our users. Ongoing collaboration with supporters provide us not only an opportunity to enhance the services, spaces and resources, but also brings a variety of perspectives on how we can continue to ignite and maintain passion for learning between generations.

UBC Library welcomes thousands of students, researchers and community members each year, we are a destination for those on campus and home to world class collections.

With your help, we can ensure that UBC Library is able to respond to the changing educational and research needs, preserve rare and special collections and continue to provide information as widely and freely accessible.

Featured Causes

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UBC Library Collection Enrichment Fund

Collections form the heart of UBC Library. Our collections — including over 8 million volumes and over 2.8 million e-books — allow UBC Library to maintain its standing as one of the top North American research libraries and the second biggest academic research library in Canada.

UBC Library Technology Endowment

Today’s students need hands-on experiential learning opportunities with technology to keep abreast of our increasingly digital world. For UBC Library to provide more students with universal access to UBC Library’s vast collections requires a top-notch technological platform.

UBC Library Parents Innovation Fund

Parents play a big role in a student’s university career — and they also have been a great support to UBC Library.

The Basil Stuart-Stubbs Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Book on British Columbia

Continue Basil’s legacy of advocacy for Canadiana and local scholarly work. The annual prize recognizes an outstanding scholarly book published on a British Columbian subject by a Canadian author.

Friends of the UBC Library

As one of the intellectual hubs on campus, UBC Library fosters innovation and creativity, facilitating access to over 7 million print and electronic volumes and more than 840,000 maps and audio visual material through its 15 branches and divisions.

UBC Undergraduate Prize in Library Research

The new UBC Undergraduate Prize in Library Research recognizes the critical role libraries play in a student’s academic and personal journey.

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