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Alex Kitt

Messages of Remembrance

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Such a lovely spirit. Always happy and smiling is how I remember her. I still talk about her Personal Project of making a Bear alarm and she made a leaflet about how to protect yourself against bears. It’s never come in handy in Switzerland but if I ever go to Canada I know exactly what to do 😊 Alex you were a beautiful young lady and the world is a sadder place without you.

Liam Cox, I taught Alex at ISB
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One of our favourite holiday traditions! :)

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i was very sad to read this week (8th Oct 2023) of Alex's passing. I am a lecturer in medical statistics at Bristol University (UK) and was Alex's tutor during her time here on the MSc course (oct 2019 - sept 2020). I found Alex to be a remarkable young woman - extremely caring, witty and intelligent. Alex used to regularly go to feed the squirrels on Brandon Hill - a famous Bristol landmark which was close to where she was living at the time. She insisted I come along, so one lunchtime between lectures we went and sat on the bench by the copse of trees, in the shadow of Brandon Tower, and sat and smiled as the squirrels scurried back and forth, feasting on the peanuts we had purchased en route. The MSc course came to an end and my tutoring role was over. Alex was replaced by Steven Kamgang - a guy from Cameroon - as my new tutee. I remained in touch with Alex via whatsapp, and she made me promise that i would take Steven to feed the squirrels, as we had done that lunchtime. Unfortunately COVID was in full swing by this time and it was ten months into the one-year course before i was finally able to meet Steven face-to-face. To my surprise he was more than happy to oblige and we visited the same bench perhaps even feeding the same squirrels. I was able to send Alex both photographic and video evidence that i had kept my promise which was very well received. I was also able to link up Steven and Alex who remained in contact for some time after. I regret now that i fell out of regular contact with Alex - we had not chatted since Jan 2022 - but i feel it only appropriate that i now visit squirrel-bench one more time.

Jon Heron, University Tutor
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I remember the moment in the hospital when I saw you the first time, you were reading the book about fungus, and i just thought "i have to get to know her". I loved your way of thinking, maybe because we always thought the same :D even tho the time we spend together was this short, it hurts so much to know you're not here anymore. i'm thinking about you a lot. you have such a good heart. i hope you are in peace now, beautiful soul. <3

Fabienne, Friend
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Sunshine Smiles Swimming Saving Bees Saving Souls

Jane Shaw, Friend
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I have many memories of Alex but two stand out the most. One is from a trip to Hernando when the phosphorescence was at its peak. We all stayed up late and jumped in the water and boats to see the magic as the fish swirled with drips of light. Alex was enthralled and I'll never forget her smile. Another is after a New Years eve get together when she refused to go home and insisted on staying overnight with Aiden and Hart. Alex we miss you and will love you forever. Tina and family XOX

Tina Arnold, Friend
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A few of my favourites.

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There is no one memory I can share about Alex. But I wanted to share some pictures here. I will make you proud Alex, and continue your legacy. I love you more than I can ever express and will continue to forever. And I will save the bees for you. Love, Forrest

Mitch, Big Brother
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We met Alex very early on before she was even born. She was in Tinas belly. All our kids became such good friends over the years, especially when they were little and living in North Vancouver. The bond will always be here, forever. So much love in our hearts.

Monica Saxer, Friend
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Hanging up her bee hotel a couple of years ago :)

Tina, Mom

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