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Benjamin Feldman

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About Benjamin Feldman

Benjamin Y. Feldman was focused. He self-identified as an artist from a young age. In his 21 years, his talents spanned all creative forms imaginable, from filmmaking, to visual art, theatre, photography, songwriting, and music. Ben had a unique compass on life around him. He had an uncanny knowledge of where the next great artistic and social trends would be. He wrote “World Famous” on the back of his shoes so he could be reminded of where he aspired to go every day.

Ben was in his fourth year at McGill University when he developed a severe psychosis. He was terrified and could no longer focus on doing the creative things that drove him and that he loved. The profound sadness around Ben’s tragic passing and the loss of his immediacy and physical presence is forever felt in our lives. We long for the comfort of his familiar deep voice, his welcoming hugs, and his truly unique and often humorous insights into life around us.

Ben touched the lives of many and was a beloved son, brother, grandson, cousin and friend. He had a profound impact on his 14 band mates who formed the parade-rock orchestra Goodbye Enemy Airship, as well as the friends with whom he shared his love of film, theatre, writing and creating visual art. He will be remembered by all for his love of pizza with no cheese, for his wit and humor, and for his love of walking.

Ben and his sister, Samantha explored the world together. During their McGill years they “dined out” weekly and shared a love of film and mutual friendships. Samantha has dedicated her studies to helping those with brain disorders in the hope that of making a difference for others afflicted with psychosis.

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The impact of your support

The Benjamin Feldman and Family Endowment Fund for Transformational Activity in Mental Health was established to support research and education in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Your donation will help to develop a better understanding and care of mental health disorders as brain diseases, of which the causes need to be determined and the treatments advanced.

The Feldman family created the fund to symbolize and create a source of hope and inspiration for individuals and families touched by psychosis and mental illness. Through funding of research and talented scientists, we believe we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!

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