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Brian Higgins

Messages of Remembrance

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Brian was an amazing mentor throughout law school! He not only provided excellent leadership for the LSLAP program but also kept an open door for stressed out students who needed advice, encouragement, a laugh and snuggles from his cute puppy. I owe my success in law school and developing a lifelong dedication to giving back to my community to Brian. I am sad to hear he is no longer with us and hold his family in my prayers!

S. Hyer, Law Student & LSLAP Volunteer
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Brian Higgins made a huge impact on me when I first attended law school in 1987 and started with the Law Students Legal Advice Program. His very first words of practical advice, Never ASS/U/ME anything or you will make an ass of you and me, has stayed with me to this day and I remember him writing it down on a piece of paper like it was yesterday. He was always available and willing to give solid, practical advice to help me advise the program's clients and the skills I learnt as a lawyer started with him. Thank you, Brian, you made your mark on many and will not be forgotten.

Adam Williams, LSLAP student taught by Brian Higgins
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I think that what most people will recall about Brian is how well-liked and respected he was. Everyone who met him in their early days at UBC Law and knew that he had practiced was encouraged by how down to earth and unpretentious he was - he was definitely "one of the boys" and I never heard anyone say an unkind word about him. Quite a standard to be judged by. He was always in the mix on campus and was featured in many of our Law Revue productions, lending a hand onstage with his natural timing and comic wit. Most of all a great friend and mentor to many aspiring lawyers who cut their teeth in the Law Students Legal advice program. Gone but never forgotten.

Jeffrey J. Richl, Esq., Law Student - Class of '92

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