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Cara Adensamer

Messages of Remembrance

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Cara was a wonderful friend to me this year, and I am so blessed to have had her in my life for this period. Whether we were studying, sitting in Sauder courses together, or spending time together at ADPi events, my days were always brighter when I was around Cara. She will be dearly missed, but never forgotten.

Natalie Pretty, Friend
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It was amazing getting to know Cara this year. Even though we had just met in Alpha Delta Pi, it felt like we had known each other forever. In university, it's hard to find someone who shared the qualities that Cara did, She always made sure that she sent that text to make sure you knew she cared and spoiled anyone and everyone with compliments. Whether it was getting ready for formals, catching up in meetings or just meeting up to vent, Cara made such a positive impact on my day. I can truly say that I was blessed to call Cara Adensamer a good friend. A soul that brought so much positivity and love, she will live in our hearts forever.

Imran Rai, Friend
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I thank god for every day I had to spend with Cara. She put up with living with me through our last year of high school and it made all the difference. Through the worst times that I thought would never end Cara was always there and always standing up for me. When I felt like everyone had turned their back on me and given up, Cara was there hugging me and letting me cry all over her shoulder. She was the funniest, sweetest, smartest and most hard working person that I have ever had the gift of knowing. Without her I don’t know where I would be, even with having her own stuff going on she pulled me out of a fast paced downward spiral, she came with me to classes, to meals, to sport even when no one else would talk to me. She was a truly amazing friend and impossibly patient roommate. I’ll miss you forever.

Caroline Holmes, Friend
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I had the privilege of getting to know Cara during her time at Brentwood. She was always an amazing friend to everyone around her, putting in time to check in with people and doing everything possible to help anyone that needed it. She was kind, smart and incredibly funny, always bringing a smile to the faces of people that needed it most. Although the time I got to spend with Cara was short, I am so incredibly grateful that I got to have a friend as amazing as her.

Brianne Pavlis, Friend
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Cara was always my go-to friend when I needed to go to someone for comforting. She was always the most understanding, non-judgmental, and caring person I've ever met. She could immediately get me out of my bad mood with her quick wit and sarcasm, because her sense of humour was really one of a kind and you never knew what she was going to say next. She hugged me when I cried, she held my hand when I got my tattoos, and laughed with me when we (re)watched all the seasons of Friends. I'll miss your hilarious road rage, our spontaneous adventures, our board game tournaments, your infectious laugh, and your beautiful smile. Love you forever, my girl.

Maddy Twocock, Friend
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Our family first met Cara when she was three years old in preschool. That year, our daughter, Adrienne, met her best friend, our son, Julien, his second "sister", and Robert and myself, our second "daughter". Cara had a beautiful heart, an amazing wit and sense of humour, insatiable curiosity about everything, and a deep commitment to being an incredible friend and "family member" to us all. We will never forget Cara. We will always treasure our memories of the time we spent together and the lessons we learned from her.

Carolyn and Robert Hicks, Friend
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When I think about Cara, I think back to spending countless weekends at her house playing dress up, lip synching the words to ridiculous songs, and waffle breakfasts with the Truss and Adensamer families. Looking at photos from our France trip, I know we would now laugh at our fashion choices and at how cool we thought we were. Even though we grew apart as we got into the craziness of high school, I’m so grateful for all the time I got to spend with Cara and lucky that I have so many hilarious and special memories with her.

Cassie Truss, Friend
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In the short time I got to know Cara, she was undeniably a light in everyone's life she entered. She adored others, and was instinctively thoughtful and selfless towards what appeared to be those in all areas of her life. Though I only knew her during her time in ADPi, I am unbelievably lucky to have had a sister and friend as passionate as her, and am grateful for all our memories. I know that I am able to do nothing but remember her and her lighthearted, loyal and thoughtful self. She will always be with us.

Liv Thompson, Friend
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Cara is a very lovely girl and I love her as a friend. She is a amazing person, kind, and very helpful person. Cara is a very responsible person and she never gives up. She always smiles and likes getting along with others. We had a great time working at Summer at ST. George’s together. She is one of the best Rec Leaders better then me I would give her a 10/10 for lots of hard work effort for it I’m so proud of her that she’s a wonderful sweet girl. I will miss Cara as always friends forever. You are a good friend Cara I really appreciate you helping me while I was having a hard time as a Rec Leader and I would want to say thanks. I will never forget you Cara. I received my black belt from March and I’m hoping that you are proud of me I will always work hard for you. Marcus Wang UBC Third Year Student

Marcus Wang, Friend
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Thank you for being Robbies "first" little sister until I came along, and making sure he was a good big brother. You are the "big" sister I never had, and will always be my inspiration. I loved you from the first day I met you and always wanted to be just like you. I will always cherish the memories of growing up with you, and you will forever be in my heart.

Andi and Robert Jones, Cousins

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