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Carol Kennedy

Messages of Remembrance

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Carol was a highly skilled and innovative physio and a caring, warm person. Being in health care as well, we always had interesting (and often fun!) conversations about our respective professional highs and lows. I saw other physios at Treloar, all of whom are/were fantastic, but Carol's leadership and the esteem in which she was held by her colleagues was clear. Her legacy in the specialty of M-S physio will last a long time.

Martha M, former patient
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Treloar Physiotherapy wouldn't be what it is today without the love, care and hard work Carol devoted to the clinic over the last 37 years. Carol was an incredible leader, mentor, friend, colleague and a 'jill of all trades' around the clinic. She was always starting early to see one extra patient, staying late to treat a colleague and coming back at the end of the day to mentor her "physio babies". She has left an indelible mark on our whole team, past and present. Carol believed in life long learning and clinical excellence. She led by example with her everyday actions and as we go forth we will continue to ask ourselves: what would Carol do?

Treloar Physiotherapy Cambie,
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I was so lucky to have worked at Treloar Physiotherapy for 10 years and have Carol as a mentor, boss and friend. She taught me so much with such kindness and warmth. This continued even after our family moved to Nelson. When my son was showing an interest in becoming a physio he asked me if I could ask Carol, Deb and Bill if he could shadow a physio there for a few days. Carol was quick to contact me and offer him not only a kinesiologist job covering her sons locum, but opened her and Rogers home to my son during his time at Treloar in Vancouver, making him feel right at home. It is hard to believe you are gone, but you are in our hearts forever. Every day when treating a patient with neck pain I find myself thinking of you and thanking you and smiling to you. Our sincerest condolences to your family and close friends. You will be missed! Love Carla and Ida family

Carla Hutchinson, past employee and friend
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Carol was a role model both professionally and personally. I am grateful for the wisdom, knowledge and friendship that Carol shared with me. Thank you Carol. You will be deeply missed. I hope that this fund helps the GCOMPT program to grow and carry on Carol’s legacy.

Yvonne Lynch, colleague and friend
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I was a 'regular' at Treloar for a number of years & recognized Carol as she would always smile & offer encouragement even though she was not my physiotherapist. I am sad to hear of her passing.

Louise M,
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I was a patient of Carol Kennedy’s, and I can’t overstate how much she helped me. I have had multiple spinal injuries and lived with a lot of pain. I had seen several physios, but had mixed and often temporary results. But Carol had a truly magic touch and when my pain flared she could not only get me back on track; she helped me work on the underlying issues so my flare-ups weren’t nearly as frequent or severe. She was so skilled, patient and kind, and simply lovely to be around. I am so shocked and saddened by her passing; the world has lost a true shining light. Sending condolences to her colleagues and loved ones ❤️

Jennifer V., Former Patient
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We are so grateful for the years we got to share with Carol as our friend, partner at Treloar Physiotherapy, and physio and teacher colleague. Our lives were enriched by her presence through her leadership, her pursuit of excellence, her compassion, her intellectual capacity and her love of having fun. Carol put so many hours into the development of the GCOMPT program in the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC. She was passionate about the program. She gave so much to so many and we would love to see this program thrive in her name.

Deb and Bill Treloar, friend, business partner, colleague
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It feels overwhelming to think of just one memory of my Auntie Carol because there are too many. I have been close with her my whole life. She was my godmother, my parents best friend and business partner, one of my biggest supporters and the first person to hire me as a babysitter for her kids, Krista and Adam. Auntie Carol was there for all of my big moments - grad, wedding, babies & an award ceremony - but what I will remember most are all the little moments in between. Chatting while she wrote notes at the end of a work day, sitting around my parents dining room table for meetings, Starbucks lattes and our shared habit of picking our nails. I'll remember her reviewing the physio schedule and tucking her hair behind her ear before doing so. A couple things I loved most about her was her love for my Uncle Roger (she really truly never had a bad thing to say about him and always looked at him with eyes of adoration), her kids and her patients. She was just so kind and patient and understanding. Always looking out for others and always seeing the good in people. We can never replace her but we can strive to be more like her and Scott and I are so happy to support the continuation of the important work she was doing in the physio community. xo Erin

Erin & Scott, Friends
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In memory of a wonderful, almost lifelong friend, never to be forgotten! She was intelligent, kind and so much fun. I was blessed to have had her in my life!

Lesley & Rick Kimble, Friend

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