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Chia San Bong Chow

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About Chia San Bong Chow

Chia San Bong Chow lived a long and abundant life, passing away peacefully at 96 years of age. She is survived by her husband, four children, seven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Born in Shanghai, she resided in Hong Kong until immigrating to Canada with her family. Vancouver became home and it is here that she raised her children.

Chia San Bong Chow was a beloved daughter of Bong Pang Yee. In 2002, she helped set up the Bong Pang Yee Pharmaceutical Sciences Endowment and Bong Pang Yee Scholarship at UBC in honour of her father, who strongly believed in and supported higher education opportunities for both his sons and daughters, equally. This was contrary to societal norms of his generation and in his line of business in Chinese Law Medicine.

The Impact of your support

Your gift in memory of Chia San Bong Chow, towards the Bong Pang Yee Scholarship, will honour her reverence for her cherished father and her dedication towards supporting future generations in their education. The endowed scholarship helps create opportunities for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences to realize success in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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