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About Cindy Woo

Cindy passed away on October 1, 2019, comfortably and with her family around her. She was a long-time research coordinator and manager in the UBC Mood Disorders Program and was known for her warm smile, gentle humour, and calm manner even during stressful times.

Cindy was always supportive to all staff, whether they were research assistants, students, or doctors. She was a role model who was dedicated to clinical research that helped people with mood disorders. Her family, friends and colleagues will dearly miss her.


In recognition of her contributions, her family and friends are establishing the Cindy Woo Educational Fund for Research Technicians. This fund will provide opportunities for professional development for research assistants and technicians in the UBC Department of Psychiatry. Cindy would be very appreciative of your support for these educational activities for her research colleagues.

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  • Cindy started our tradition of scripted and music videos for the Mood Disorders Holiday Party. Her video on Kleptostylomania starring Dr. Edwin Tam remains a classic. My contributions were music videos. Here is a screen shot of the last time I danced with Cindy. I will really miss her.

    Raymond Lam, Friend and colleague
  • I always walked by Cindy's office, say Hi and chat with her. She is a super dedicated staff in our Mood & Anxiety Disorders program, very easy to work together with. I worked with Cindy since day one she joined our department, I really miss her!

    Allan Kwan, Colleague
  • It was quite devastating to hear of Cindy's passing. We use to chat when I would go to the mail room. More importantly, she would always welcome questions and would be willing to help and problem solve. Cindy had contacts and would direct you to the right person. Her sense of humor was grand and her decorations at Xmas were always appreciated. It's a huge loss for the department of Psychiatry. My deepest sympathies to her family.

    Brenda Kosaka, colleague
  • Cindy was always there for us. She was supportive, understanding, and full of happiness. She was capable and very smart emotionally and professionally. I learned a lot from her. I will miss her. My deepest condolences to her family.

    Esther, Colleague
  • Cindy and I worked in the same department but in roles that don't intersect with each other, so I knew her mostly by working on the same floor and the occasional chit chat as we passed each other. On one of these occasions, I mentioned in passing an administrative issue I was facing. Cindy immediately offered her suggestions and assistance. As a direct result of her help, the issue was resolved. That one experience told me so much about who Cindy was... caring, generous with her time and energy, and selfless in her help. It was a shock to hear of her passing. My sincere condolences to her family and those who knew and loved her.

    Julia, Colleague
  • Cindy and I intersected in various ways over the past 15 years. Professionally we worked together both at WCPS and on the refractory depression studies via UBC Mood Disorders. She was also a friend to myself and our fellow band members, coming out to many of our shows and always super supportive. She was dedicated, organized, a consummate professional, funny, generous and kind. I was shocked and immensely saddened to hear of her passing. I will really miss her and send my love and sympathies to her family.

    Nick Bogod, Friend and colleague
  • All of us here in the UBC Psychiatry Administration office were so heartbroken to hear the news of Cindy’s passing. As a member of the Department for over 10 years, Cindy has always been a friendly and comforting presence around the office, at Department events, and at our annual festive gatherings. Anyone who interacted with her can attest to her warmth and personable character, her gentle humor, and her approachability and genuine kindness. As the Research Coordinator for the Mood Disorders Program, Cindy was also dedicated to her work and to her colleagues, and her many contributions to the Department were aptly recognized when she won the Outstanding Staff Service Award in 2014. The Department and her Mood Disorders family will continue to feel an enduring sense of loss now that Cindy is no longer here. The Psychiatry Administration team sends our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Brandon and to the rest of Cindy’s family.

    UBC Department of Psychiatry Administration Team,
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