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David Huynh

Messages of Remembrance

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I only knew David in high school, but during that short period in my life, he impacted me greatly. This death was not warranted, David had such a bright future ahead of him. I remember his smile, and his influence on Rick Hansen Secondary, he was and is such an inspiration to so many for his feats. I will always carry a part of him in my heart with me wherever I go. I hope he's smiling down on everyone, and I just know he'll be looking out for those he cares for, even in death. Be in peace, David. XO

Breanna Hupet, Friend
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"Rather than what I want to become, it is more what kind of person I want to become." David was a passionate dreamer, inspirer, a life-lover, wise leader & thoughtful friend to many. Our last spontaneous hangout/study was at Starbucks on W 10th avenue during final exam period 2014 Spring term. David: "Oh What! I had a feeling I was gonna see you today!" Jane: "Oh Really? Well, you found me! Lots to study tonight?" David: "Yes and No. so, how's your day going so far?" We caught up about my exchange experience in Shanghai, the upcoming summer plans, and how both of us were looking forward to our final last semester/year of our undergraduate days. Although our faculties or even ECON courses never crossed during our college years, we became friends through the Greek community at UBC- encouraging each other to strive and keep pursuing what made our hearts beat & alive. David was someone I admired with great respect and for sure looked forward to keeping in touch after our undergraduate years. Bouncing off cross-faculty ideas, life stories, words that kindled &strengthened our dreamer-spirit within us, will be greatly missed. I will not stop here, for the spirit must continue and the dreamer legacy will go pass generations to come. Thank you David, Greatly miss your presence already. With love, Jane

Jane Cho, UBC Friend
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David. Where to begin? The first time our paths crossed was in Comm 202 TA interviews. I was sitting on the 9th floor, waiting for interviews to start. Slowly people trickled in and little by little congregated around you, chatting and laughing. Moments later you blew us all away with your captivating, honest and emotional story (with the skill & style anyone who has seen David present can attest to). You always made quite the first impression. I was fortunate enough to have the tutorial before yours, and as a result was able to see you teach on a few occasions. You never tried to hide your age or talk up your experience & importance. Instead, you shared failure after failure, with some of your successes sprinkled in. You wanted your students to learn from your failures, to avoid them on their own, rather than bragging about your success- a teaching style much wiser than most 22 year-olds would ever consider. When I walked into the room a couple weeks ago, I'm happy to say that I was one of those people congregating around you, smiling, laughing, and receiving those stellar David hugs. Thank you for allowing so many people to be a part of your amazing life, and for impacting all of us. I'm sorry that conversation ended so soon, and we'll never get to have that beer together. You were always so proud of your family, but never too proud to ask us to remind you to call your mom. You accepted challenges & mistakes with that David grin. Thank you for teaching me the importance of setting alarms on multiple devices, how meaningful a well-timed thank you can be, and how to put people & relationships before everything else in life. You're got some amazing company up there, David. Rest in Peace, my friend.

Monica McMahen, Co-worker & friend
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I knew David would make an impact in whatever he was involved in when I first got to know him. He was one of my Middle School students in Abbotsford. He was a receptive, compassionate, interested student, always eager to learn, and always ready to contribute in a most positive way. David was an independent thinker, unafraid to voice his opinion, and ready to stand up for what was right, even during times when discussing viewpoints that were not popular. His style earned him respect from all around him. As a student, David made those around him, including myself, better human beings. It's a long time since I taught him, but I will never forget him and the spirit he inspired.

Bob Strain, Teacher
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David, you are remembered for your strong leadership qualities, unrelenting kindness and for how you were always able to see the brighter and lighter sides to life. You and your family are in my prayers. Rest in paradise, my friend.

Salina Dharamsi, Friend
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I remember the first time I met you at White Spot back when you were in first year. You told me your story about how you going to come to Sauder, work your ass off, and be the best version of David Huynh you could be. You said it wasn't for your own vanity's sake, but for your family. All the struggle you had faced, you took that as inspiration and purpose, and in that moment I knew you were going to accomplish great things. And accomplish amazing things you did. Whether working out up before the birds, or in Birms way past closing hour, you wore a smile and were surrounded by friends who cared for you and who cared for too without end. You were always there for me during our time together on the CUS, and I could always depend on you to support me and the rest of the team with anything, regardless of what was on your own plate to bear. We were going to meet up in person next time I was in Vancouver; I guess now we will, though I wasn't ready to meet you like this. And the tears shed by your family, friends, and fans only tell the same story that you were taken from us too early. The last words we spoke were a laughter-filled hug, "I miss you", and some comment on how frickin' buff you had gotten, in C(P)A Hall. I'm glad I saw you that day, and that image of you - passionate, optimistic, steady, loyal, and kind - is one that will stay with me. Miss you a ton, and my deepest condolences to the entire Huynh family

Johannes Rebane, Friend
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David - your legacy continues to leave a lasting impact on so many lives.

Jess Tang, friend

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