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Dick Mosher

Messages of Remembrance

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Dick is one of my all time favorite coaching collegues! He was always kind, generous and extremely competitive! He fueled his teams with his desire to win--and win they did! He was successful coaching both men's and women's Thunderbird teams, which is pretty impressive. He was also a massive contributer to helping to build Canada West women's soccer and CIAU (U-sports) Women's soccer. I was the President of the CIAU Women's Soccer Coaches Association, and I can remember chairing a meeting where there was quite heated discussions around the number of berths that each conference should have at the National Championships. (Canada West was fighting to have at least two berths). The meeting was in about it's 4th hour (yes, our meetings actually lasted that long) and we weren't making any headway. Dick, who had not said much till this point, pulled out his best professorial speech and convinced our members that not only should Canada West have 2 berths, but that the 8th spot at Nationals should be based on merit! He was polished, well organized, non emotional and commanded respect when he spoke. The coaches that were in the room that day still talk about Dick's speech--and now at our U-Sport Nationals, Canada West has 2 berths and one berth based on merit. Thank you Dick! I miss your humour, your passion and the respect that you showed to all your coaching colleagues. Best of all, I miss that burning competitive fuse that lived in that heart of yours!

Tracy David, Coaching Colleague (UVIC and U of A)
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When I arrived at UBC in 1992, Dick had actually stepped away from full time head coaching duties of the Men's soccer team while his long-time assistant Dave Partridge took over. Nonetheless, as I was navigating the Housing waitlist and adapting to Vancouver as an out-of-province student-athlete, Dick was there to support me along the way. Dick's Hall of Fame coaching career is legendary...but I always appreciated his kindness and genuine interest in his student-athletes well being.

James Prescott, UBC Soccer alumnus
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Dear Jean, Mike, Barb and Scott My heart is with you in this difficult time. Your husband/father is a great inspiration for the UBC community. I have great memories knowing him along with your family. Love always Linda

Linda Casey, Friend
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I have so many great memories of Dick and have been reflecting on his impact . I think most of all he just created such a great environment for young people to grow up and thrive and I really appreciate that time . He achieved this in such a relaxed way through his humour and his patience . He made it look easy . One of my last conversations with Dick I sort of thanked him for putting up with me at that age I was such a pain to deal with . In Dick’s way he laughed and said if he were to do the coaching journey again he would understand the free spirits even more . I think Dick was a bit of a free spirit himself at heart . I know he will be greatly missed my deepest condolences to his family .

Randy Celebrini , Student Athlete / Friend
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Dick was the main reason I continued my career at UBC. I was offered a job at University of Queensland in 1982 and I had agreed to go. Dick, who was a bit of a faculty mentor when I came to UBC in 1980, talked me into staying at UBC. Since our kids played soccer with Mike, Scott and Barb we were also good friends with the family.

Ian Franks, Friend
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Being Dick's friend was fun because we did incredible things together in some amazing places, and we laughed often. Being Dick's friend was interesting and fulfilling because he had deep and wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and respected the opinions of others. Being Dick's friend was an honour because he was one of the most principled and decent people we ever met, and his loyalty to his family was unwavering. Well-played Mosh.

Don Wells and Kim Gordon, friends for life

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