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Dietmar Neufeld

Messages of Remembrance

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Diet was the RA (Resident Assistant) for the dormitory floor where I boarded my Freshman year at GBI. (He was quite a bit older than I, and a Sophomore that year.) He was instrumental in my "transition" from an "American patriot" to a Christian who learned to pursue peace.

Ernest W. Buller, fellow student at Grace Bible Institute 1974-75
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Diet had always been very kind and supportive to me, enduring my many blemishes over the years of supervising my PhD study. With his passing I have lost a wonderful teacher, a mentor, and a friend.

Clement Tong, PhD student
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Diet was my student for just a year at McGill; I wanted him to follow me to Oxford but it didn't work out. But in that year he and Vi became good friends. We sometimes used to room together at AAR/SBL, and always enjoyed catching up at conferences etc. I am shocked -- horrified -- to think that he is no longer with us. His memory is a great blessing. My warm greetings and condolences to Vi and the children. You will be in my prayers. Tom Wright

Nicholas Thomas Wright, professor (at McGill)

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