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Dr. Kristin Sivertz

Messages of Remembrance

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I owe so much to Dr. Sivertz. Her compassion and expert knowledge were truly life-saving.

Laurie, patient
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Kristin Sivertz was without doubt the most compassionate Doctor i have ever known. I must take my hat off to her, she truly made my experience with psychiatry a bearable and even hopeful one. When i read the obituary i was very shocked that she was gone. She will be missed by all. Everyone she came in contact with, she touched. Bye Kris, i hope we meet again. Shelley Jahrig

Shelley Jahrig, A Patient of hers.
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I had the privilege of taking care of Kris's 2 children for 3 yrs. When i first met Kris she was pregnant with David and patrick was 3. She was a phenomenal lady to work for, I never ever felt like her "employee" i always felt like her friend and was included in all family gatherings. I loved her dearly and will miss her a lot

Margaret MacMillan, I was her nanny
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I learned of the very sad news of Kristin's death, from Dr. Alfred Jay. Kristin had been a summer student with us in Biophysics at Western, around the time of 1966, working on red blood cell mechanics. Kristin's summer report which I had read recently when tidying up old files, was a model of clarity. She wrote excellent scientific English, and I'm delighted that her career was so rewarding in clinical medicine and leadership. She came by the lab once that I remember, when in an early part of her medical training. I recall too, that she had studied ballet, and had a lovely bouncy way of moving. The lab occasionally played golf on Wed afternoons, and on one occasion she joined Alfred and me on the Thames Valley course. We weren't very good, and still are not much better. And I don't know if Kristin ever played as a way to get a break from work. Reading about her wonderful career was a special treat, but certainly even more sad to know that she has passed away. My wife, Catherine, and I want to convey our condolences and best wishes to Kristin's family. As an aside, I continued on at Western after my PhD, and later became chair in '84, for 17 years, and am mostly retired at the present time. Sincerely, Peter Canham

Peter B Canham, Summer student supervisor, ~1966
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I went to high school with Kristin and felt fortunate to have her as a friend. I will always remember her wonderful laugh. Even though we lost contact with each other she has always been one of the people who I consider has enriched my life just by knowing her..

Georgia Carol Pearce, friend
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I met her in Hamilton Ont. In 1975. I loved her sensitivity and empathy for people like me as a becomer in Canada. I lived close to them Dr W.Abbot and Kris in Hamilton. She helped me a lot to get know Canadian life and the English language. I think she had gotten her degree in Psychology by that time.. I was looking to be in touch with her for last 5 years. . I am so sad to know she is not anymore with us.. She seemed to me a great lady looking to improve her knowledge always. Oh it's a shock to me. Kisses *Kris and some day will meet again. 06 2020

Benjamin Malagnoni, Mexican friend

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