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Dr. Siavash Jafari

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About Dr. Siavash Jafari

Dr. Siavash Jafari was an MD with 18 years of clinical and research experience. Dr. Jafari graduated from Shiraz Medical School in Iran in 1999. He pursued masters of clinical epidemiology. He then obtained his specialty training in Public Health and Preventive Medicine followed by fellowship in Mental Health and Addiction at UBC. He was a board certified physician and a fellow member of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and is a board certified and member of the American Board of the Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Jafari has spent most of his practicing and conducting research in the areas of addiction medicine, mental health, preventative medicine, and chronic pain.

Souzan Baharlou, widow of Dr. Jafari, and Ghazal Jafari, daughter of Dr. Jafari, have contributed $25,000 to this memorial fund in support of MD undergraduate students at UBC. They hope that you will be able to join them on this important initiative to support the next generation of doctors in honour of Dr. Jafari’s memory.

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The impact of your support

To honour Dr. Jafari’s life and accomplishments, his friends and family will be establishing the Dr. Siavash Jafari Memorial Fund. Your gift will pay tribute to his life by supporting students following in his footsteps at UBC. Final decisions on the award description and student eligibility will be made in consultation with the family.

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  • Dr. Jafari was one of the most caring doctors I have met. He constantly provided care for me without judgement and was always a positive influence in me getting sober and becoming the parent, son, friend, and employee that I was meant to be. Such a loss too early for a great man who did nothing but help and give back to people whose lives will forever be altered including mine, thanx to Dr. Jafari.

    L, Patient
  • What a beautiful cause to keep his legacy going.

    Goli, --
  • Sometimes someone gets in the way of your life, and you feel the meaning of being alive from the bottom of your heart. No matter how many times you see him or hear his voice, you are all set because you feel him from the bottom of your heart. Someone who sometimes you feel is an existence of yourself manifested in another body! Siavash IS indescribable to me. Siavash IS all my thoughts day and night. Siavash IS all my whisper day and night and in the depths of my soul. Siavash IS more than a brother, a close friend, a teacher, and a doctor. He IS someone who can not be described. I can accept the idea of my own demise, but I am unable to accept the non-existence of anyone else! I find it impossible to let Siavash go into that country of no return! I answer the heroic question 'Death, where is thy sting?' with 'It is here in my heart and mind and memories.' There isn't a single day without you being in my thoughts, and I will never address you with the past tense because you are HERE! You are always a Medicare Medical Clinic for me. LOVE YOU, SIAVASH. Do you hear me?! This wound will be in my body forever ....

    Pooria Ghadiri, Friend- Student-Colleague
  • Dr.Jafari was my mentor in residency, he helped me alot to pursue my dreams, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to learn from him , you are always alive in our memory dear Dr.Siavash , we will continue your legacy

    Kimia Amyree, Student
  • دکتر سیاوش عزیز یکی از بهترین ومتفاوت ترین دوستان من بود در شبکه بهداشت ودرمان داراب هم یکی از بهترین وبا انگیزه ترین پزشکان بود طرح واگذاری مرکز بهداشتی درمانی جنت شهر جهت ارائه خدمات درمانی شبانه روزی و مراقبتهای بهداشتی که از طرف ایشان ارائه شد ومن هم پیگیری کردم ولی متاسفانه ومثل همیشه با تنگ نظری مدیران ارشد دانشگاه موافقت نگردید همیشه در یاد من ماندگار خواهد بود

    دکتر همت علی کاظمی, همکلاسی
  • I have best memory with siavash at student camp.sports during the exam He was very seroius in public,social activity and so honest in friendship

    Ali jafari heidarloo , friend
  • The first days of immigration to Canada were very difficult for us. The presence of Dr. Siavash and his help to us was very valuable. Dr. Siavash was a noble and kind human being who will never be forgotten. In this heartbreaking grief, we sympathize with my dear Suzanne and Ghazaleh Jan.God bless him 🖤🖤🌷🌷

    Shabnam , Coligue and freind
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