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Emily Selwood

Messages of Remembrance

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Top 3 lessons I learned from Emily: 1. Get uncomfortable. I went on a whitewater kayaking trip with Emily during high school. I’m not talking leisurely ocean kayaking here… this was a 4-day trip where the guides took amateur, teen kayakers down Class lV rapids on the Cowichan River. It was bloody terrifying. For everyone, but especially Emily. So, did she quit? Did she ask to go home early? No. She completed the trip with a more stable kayak alternative and successfully paddled through every single rapid, channeling her inner bravery and showing her fears who was in control. I think of that story often. 2. Love what you love, and don’t ever shy away from it. I can list a few examples here. Let me just start with: Taylor Swift (obviously), penguins (you should’ve seen her bedroom decor), and life sized teddy bears (as you can imagine, we had the best play dates). Emily and I took Japanese together from Kindergarten to grade 8. I don’t remember a single thing from that class except, “watashiwa penguin ga suki desu”, or “I like penguins”. Clearly, I heard it too many times… 1. Feed your soul. Emily’s birthday parties were THE BEST. It was literally like walking into Wonka’s Chocolate Factory after coming from a candy-deprived household. We played games like guessing how many jelly beans were in a jar. We made cupcakes. There was a candy buffet and a popcorn machine! Emily had a healthy relationship with candy, let’s say. She knew the value in adding little sweetness to your life. So, get uncomfortable, don’t shy away from what you love, and feed your soul. We’ve learned that from the best of us.

Tori Farkas, Friend
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Duncan, I'm so so sorry for your loss. God Bless, Greg

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I was out of Canada for a year until last month; upon seeing the name Emily Selwood and what occurred I just went into shock... So sorry to hear this news, Duncan and on behalf of my family we extend our most heartfelt condolences to you, Laurie and your loved ones... RIP Emily.

Lorenzo Erlic, Friend, former coworker of Duncan
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Emily was so loved. And she spread that love to each life she touched. I thank her for her unshakable friendship as we explored, learned, and played side by side through the years. Never will she stop being my driving force to understand more of this fascinatingly complex world and act within it from greater compassion and kindness everyday. Now and always, her love lives on through us.

Tori Farkas, Friend
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Emily had the ability to lift up those around her with a quiet word, an empathetic smile or simply her positive energy. Emily was often a topic of positive conversation at our dinner table as she impacted the lives of both Isabel and Matthew on a daily basis. She made those she interacted with not only feel better but be better. We will be forever grateful for having had her touch our lives and will honour her memory by striving to always be better.

The Cormie Family, Friends
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Emily was a truly special person. We think of her always and miss her deeply.

Cindy Henry and family, Friend

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