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Euan Taylor

Messages of Remembrance

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Though I regret that I did not know Euan well, I did see him many times through our children when I lived in Vancouver. Euan impressed me as an outstanding father, one whose children were a big priority in his daily life. A few memories that stand out include the things he did for his daughter and mine, such as taking them camping, bringing his daughter to Victoria to visit mine. I also remember Euan for his compassion and how he responded with such genuine concern when my daughter's father was terminally ill. My daughter never really got to go camping with her own father, they ran out of time for that. But Euan did manage to do these important things during his time and those memories count a great deal I'm sure. He helped to raise some wonderfully confident kids.

Susan Stevenson, Friend of family
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Euan and I met for the first time in Beijing, China in 2007. He was travelling through China on business, and I had just recently arrived in China for work. There we were, two displaced Canadians in China looking for the possibility of collaboration between our law firms. At our office meeting, my first impression of Euan was that he was passionate, principled, very serious, and focused primarily on business. The meeting led to dinner that evening, which gave me the opportunity to learn of another side of Euan. He shared stories of his life, his travels to China, and the people he met along the way. From that dinner, I knew Euan would always be the type of person that I would want as a friend. Since our first meeting, we stayed in touch and wrote two text book chapters together, along with our friend David Bloch who Euan introduced me to, and we spoke on the same panel for a number of China legal seminars. Due to the distance between us, Vancouver and Beijing, China, we could only meet and catch-up in person when our travel schedules aligned. As a result, I only learned about Euan's passing yesterday. Although it has been several months since Euan passed away, I wanted to let Euan's family know that he left me with some wonderful memories, and I will remember him dearly. George

George Chan, Friend
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Joy Richman, Memorial Tree and Plaque April 2016

Joy Richman, Spouse

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