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Gabriel Dix

Messages of Remembrance

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Gabriel we will forever remember you as the most kind and generous young man who brought true joy to everyone he met . We will treasure every memory of the special times we shared❤️

McComb’s, Friend
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Warm wonderful , with the biggest smile , helpful and generous ,that is how I will remember Gabriel, as he was always , and as he was on the last time I saw him, when he came over to help Brent moving some furniture. Certain individuals in your life make an indelible mark on your memory for how exceptional they are and their beautiful kind souls , Gabriel was one of those individuals. In the days since the accident and the days since his passing we have thought of him every day and spoke with him often. Although gone from our earthly realm , he will be in our memories forever. Our deepest condolences to the entire Dix family and all those special and dearest loved ones in Gabe’s life.

Melanie and John Szyszkiewicz , Neighbours
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While I could share many memories of Gabriel and his phenomenal work ethic and professional accomplishments, I would like to share the story about my last interaction with him. Our neighbour, Michelle, invited us over for a swim at their house one evening in early July. And, to my surprise, Gabe (also a neighbour of mine) and his partner Britta were there when we arrived. It was such an unexpected but wonderful evening. Gabe swam with Max and Eli, caught them as jumped into the pool, played dive and get the torpedos, talked with them about their summer camps, school, and overall about what was making them most happy these days. We also got to spend some quality time together. We talked about his upcoming MCAT exam, his thesis, and the future in general. It was clear: Gabe was happy. Also, he was content with his life in every way in that moment. I am forever grateful that we got to have that special evening together. And I can only hope that my boys grow up to be as kind, compassionate, and caring as Gabriel was. He was a great human being that will be incredibly missed but never forgotten.

Lesley Lutes, Professor and neighbour
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Even though I have only known Gabriel for a short period of time, I do remember him as a joyful person. He has blessed us with his cheerful, positive nature and was always engaged in class, contributing to our lectures with insightful questions and thoughts. He will be missed. My sincere condolences to Gabriel's family. May he RIP.

Justin , Classmate
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Gabe was special... he was someone that made you feel seen, listened to and appreciated, it didn't matter how long you knew him. Whenever someone brought Gabe up it was quickly followed by "oh, man, love Gabe." Or "he is such a good guy." He was the kind of kindred spirit to my brother that made my older sister's heart happy. Gabe had a kind, gentle spirit and a super quick wit that would leave you in stitches. I was so fortunate to get to know him. This loss is heartbreaking for so many reasons. And this little description doesn't even scratch the surface of how awesome Gabe was. At 26 he was full of life and brought so much joy to those around him. "Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” – Vicki Harrison.

Alexa Hildebrandt, Friend
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I am so blessed to have known Gabriel. Watching him grow up with his brothers (especially with my husband Alex) was amazing. The first time I met Gabriel in high school, he was in Grade 8 and his locker was right under mine. I remember he was too shy to talk to me (shocking I know) and all he would do is flash his big goofy grin, giggle, then run away. I remember my first dinner at the Dix home, the bond between the brothers was something I had never seen before. It was evident the family dynamic was special and I wanted to be a part of it. Gabriel instantly welcomed me into the family and we began our brother/sister friendship. There are countless memories I have of Gabriel - Christmas morning, Red Tig's (if you know, you know), coffee dates, sushi dates, fire hangs, sweet chilli heat, Call of Duty, Mexico etc.... Gabriel really lived his life greatly. I also began to witness him grow into an amazing young man and an uncle to our children. In his adult life, he was the most driven and inspiring person I knew. Gabriel studied how to study, who does that? After his death, reading through his seven page resume evoked lots of emotion in both Alex and I. It is clear that he had accomplished so much as a young adult, that he was truly an exceptional person. It dawned on me that this isn't just a loss of a life, but loss of great potential. Through his unfair and tragic death, he continues to impact our hearts and lives greatly. Gabriel, the memories we have together I will always cherish, you were truly one of a kind.

Chantel Dix, Sister
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Gabe was the most positive and inspiring student I have had the pleasure to work with. He had endless energy and motivation to help and mentor others. Our community will not be the same without his presence but the impact he had will be enduring.

Tanya Forneris, Faculty Mentorship
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Gabriel, childhood friend, will always be remembered for his infectious smile, engaging personality and love for others. He endeared all those who had the privilege to meet him. We will commit to keep his dream alive by serving others.

Meppelink family, friend

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