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Dr. Gary Derkson

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About Dr. Gary Derkson

Dr. Gary Derkson taught at UBC as a professor of pediatrics in the Faculty of Dentistry starting in 1977 and joined the Quarter Century Club in 2003. Dr. Derkson also served as Chief of Dentistry at BC Children’s Hospital for 20 years. As a respected and dedicated dental professional, teaching dental residents was very important and enjoyable for Dr. Derkson. Many of his students were inspired to become a pediatric dentist because of his mentorship.

The impact of your support

The Dr. Gary Derkson Memorial Award in Dentistry honours Dr. Derkson’s passion and commitment to education in Pediatric Dentistry. With the support of Dr. Derkson’s colleagues and friends, the Faculty of Dentistry is in the process of establishing an award with the intent to support a student with a $2,000 award per year. Through this award, students will have the opportunity to live in his legacy and pursue the pediatric dentistry program.

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