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Iohan Gueorguiev

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About Iohan Gueorguiev

I want to see the world, follow a map to its edges and keep going.
forgo the plans, trust my instinct, let curiosity be my guide.
I want to change hemispheres, sleep with unfamiliar stars and let the journey unfold before me.

— Iohan’s manifesto

Iohan, the bike wanderer, saw the world through kind, gentle eyes. He rode his bicycle from the tip of Canada to Argentina, with a few side rides, over the span of almost seven years. He documented this journey using amazing cinematography, emotionally evocative soundtracks and alluring narratives. Iohan’s videos were inspiring, showing his gratitude for the people he met, the experiences he had, the intensity of nature and his love for animals. Iohan was a unique, strong, gentle man who left an imprint wherever he went. Sadly his journey ended on August 19, 2021. He will be forever loved. Fly high, fly free.

Bulgarian by birth
Canadian by citizenship
Bike wanderer by choice

The impact of your support

In memory of Iohan, all donations made here will go to support HeadsUpGuys, an online resource that supports men in their fight against depression, with information, stories and practical strategies. Your gift will pay tribute to Iohan’s life and break the silence around men’s mental health, encouraging men to reach out for help, and to recognize that they are not alone in their struggle. To learn more about the HeadsUpGuys program visit https://headsupguys.org.

Messages of Remembrance

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  • Boxing Day 2013 Iohan arrived on a loaded touring bike dressed for the weather in Ottawa, Canada. At that time he was riding from Toronto to the East Coast of Canada on an early leg of what was to become his epic adventure and life on the bike. He was kind and courteous, curious to talk to me about my travels and gracious about the offer to host him for a night during the holiday season. He was an inspiration and his photos and videos stoked a wanderlust in me for that life on the bike that all those who have been there know in intimate fashion. While not in regular communication with him, I received a post card several years later with a short handwritten note and a thank you for having hosted him those years before. Thank you for passing through my life Iohan and may there forever be a tailwind speeding you on your way.

    Jill Messier, Warm Showers Host
  • Iohan inspired me so much. Because of him and his indefatigable spirit I felt brave enough to go on my own adventures. He was just a wonderful person.

    Susan Kruse, Patreon supporter
  • I think of Iohan often. He was my favorite person I'd never met. My boyfriend showed me one of Iohan's videos when we first started dating, and I knew he was a keeper because we both felt the power of the videos and how important seeing and trying to understand the world is. I'll be forever sad that Iohan is no longer here but also grateful for his presence while he was.

    Susan Sommer, Patreon
  • We loved watching Iohan on all his adventures. Jon spent his youth touring on bikes throughout Montana his home state, and later, throughout Europe, and he'd eagerly share with me his memories of the rigors of bike travel as we watched Iohan navigate his own routes and mechanical bike challenges. We both loved Iohan's beautiful eye for photography and his gentle spirit as well. Jon and I felt privileged to share in Iohan's travels. It felt like we were in some small way kindred spirits in our mutual love of travel, biking, and the beauty of nature. We will truly miss him and will remember him with fond hearts. May his journeys beyond this life be beautiful and blessed.

    Jon and Karen Nelson , Patreon
  • From the get-go Iohan called Melanie Mel. I subtly tried to get him to call her Melanie but it was a no-go. I finally told her she was "Mel" now. She said, "I know, but only for Iohan" (I think she secretly would have preferred "Mom") I'm attaching some links to a couple private links on YouTube. One I filmed in summer 2020, one filmed by Iohan when we met him after a long winter ride from Prince George. Hounddog Gordo normally ignores people when were riding or hiking, but it didn't matter if they hadn't seen Iohan in two days or two months, this was their reaction. I think it's true that dogs are the best judges of character. We all miss Iohan, just like countless others.

    Dan & 'Mel' Melanie, Friend
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