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Jessie Ravnsborg

Messages of Remembrance

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This time of year at UBCO was always very special for Jessie … convocation! Whether it was her own convocation (2009) or the years she volunteered at the ceremonies Jessie felt the excitement & pride for graduates, parents, family & friends. Congratulations 2024 graduates!

Heather Lucier, Jessie’s Mom
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Jessie is so friendly and engaging. We had numerous chats about almost anything. One day we were talking and the conversation went on for a while. She actually missed her bus, but did not think anything of it. I felt very bad. This was at a time when I drove my truck more often so I gave her a ride home...... while we continued conversation. Such a great young lady and I will miss her.

Brian, Friend coworker
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Jessie was one of the first people I met when I first arrived at UBCO. I remember her warm personality and sharing her love of the campus with me. I often ran into her and we shared the most wonderful, heartwarming conversations that made me feel part of this community and she made it feel like home. She was a wonderful lady! Her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. She will be missed.

Carole Miller, UBCO colleague
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Jessie always had the brightest smile.

Paula Lambert, Colleague at UBCO
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Jessie was one of my most encouraging and influential friends at UBCO. She introduced me to so many student leadership opportunities and truly was a role model. I will miss her dearly.

Lauren Gaudet, UBCO friend
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Jessie was a valued and talented performer in Youth Singers of Calgary. She loved music and performing. Jessie will be missed by many friends at Youth Singers and she will not be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with Heather and also the entire family.

Shirley Penner & Don McLean, Youth Singers of Calgary

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