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Dr. Jim Frankish

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About Dr. Jim Frankish

“You asked me why I got into this (work)? For me, love is the first part, the second is curiosity, and the third is…that it hurts me to see people suffering.”

These are the words of Dr. Jim Frankish. He not only spoke these words, he lived them.

Dr. Frankish, Professor Emeritus in the UBC School of Population and Public Health (SPPH), dedicated his career to elevating public health research and education. Following his retirement from UBC in 2019, he continued doing what he enjoyed most – supervising students and trainees working on research related to population health and health disparities. Sadly, Jim passed away in July 2021.

His curiosity, love and compassion for Canada’s underserved populations are evident in his exceptional scholarly work, as well as in his advocacy for people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Over the years, he received numerous awards celebrating his determination to help others. However, it was the improvements to people’s quality of life that mattered most to him.

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The Impact of your support

To honour Dr. Frankish’s memory and continue his tremendous legacy, his colleagues and friends have created a legacy tribute through the Future of Public Health Fund. Gifts in memory of Jim will help create training opportunities for future leaders in public and population health who share Jim’s commitment to reducing health disparities through impactful research and meaningful social change.

Through your gift in Jim’s honour, SPPH will continue to attract, train and mentor students who want to challenge “the way things are” to create new pathways to health for everyone, particularly those that are suffering due to health disparities.

Messages of Remembrance

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  • Jim and I were on the high school wrestling team together. I learned more from Jim than everyone else put together. He was a great friend.

    Dave Sprigg, Friend
  • Jim was an amazing friend and colleague. I met him at the beginning of my academic career and during my doctorate. I was lucky to spend 6 months at UBC at the Institute of Health Promotion Research, in 2000. I learnt many things as a result of the generosity and passion of Jim for everything prevention and health promotion and particularly for those populations of disadvantage.

    Professor Jenni Judd, friend and colleague
  • Of course, I often think of Jim with Lola. Lola was my dog Atka's dream girl. Atka's small, Lola's statuesque, and she just looked right over him! Jim and I always chuckled about that. Jim's passion, commitment and candour made such great contributions - to SPPH and UBC, his students and colleagues - but also to the greater community, particularly the DTES. He is already sorely missed.

    Carolyn Gotay, Colleague
  • Jim provided guidance to many graduate students over the years. I remember asking how many and he humbly stated it was probably over 100. If you had a question, wanted a quick chat, or needed advice then his door was always open. He keenly understood the pressures a student faces while attempting to achieve their own goals of graduating while trying to learn a little bit more about the world. His sense of humour could cause you to laugh out loud but also deliver a lesson. I specifically remember during a discussion about his previous work as a Chair of some endeavour and at some point he said something along the lines of, "I want to be the first couch, I mean they already have plenty of Chairs." That was Jim, a person who believed that everyone should be included the conversation. I will remain grateful for having the opportunity to spend time with him.

    Robert Rivers, Former PhD. Student
  • Jim's words and actions have inspired many. Jim cared, and he cared deeply. I remember sitting in his office and we talked about my then teenage children - a general catching up chat. At the time, the concern was about university entry. He told me his personal story of not giving up; how he was rejected and rejected for grants on his early career. He laughed, smiled and said: I was not smarter, just more persistent than anyone else. This little, insignificant exchange has had a lasting impact and continues to inspire us. Jim, thank you.

    Gitta Oldendorff, Colleague
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