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Jimmy Grewal

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About Jimmy Grewal

Gagan Veer Singh Grewal (Jimmy) had a dream of attending UBC. Just a few months before he was due to begin his undergraduate studies, he suddenly passed away, on May 1, 2010.

Jimmy had planned to go on to do an MBA. He was passionate about the environment and community service.

The impact of your support

In loving memory of Jimmy, two awards have been established to support UBC students.

Jimmy Grewal Memorial Award in Business:

Your gift will support outstanding undergraduate or graduate students at the Sauder School of Business who are passionate about the environment and have a demonstrated record of volunteering and community service.

Jimmy Grewal Memorial Award in Geography:

Your gift will support outstanding undergraduate or graduate students in Geography who are passionate about the environment and have a demonstrated record of volunteering and community service.

By making a donation to Jimmy’s memorial fund, you can help keep Jimmy’s memory alive, while providing much-needed financial support to students who share his passions and interests.

Anne Bjorkman is a recipient of the Jimmy Grewal Award in Geography:

I was extremely honored to be a recipient of the Jimmy Grewal Memorial Award in 2011. My Ph.D. research involves understanding the ecological and evolutionary consequences of climate change on plant communities in the Canadian High Arctic. In particular, I am studying the responses of three Arctic plant species to long-term experimental warming. This award has provided valuable funding for my thesis work at UBC and my final summer of fieldwork on Ellesmere Island. I am immensely grateful to Mr. Grewal and the other donors for the honor of receiving this award.

– Anne Bjorkman, Ph.D. Candidate

Craig Eugene Jones is a recipient of the Jimmy Grewal Memorial Award in Geography:

On 9 November 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Sarabjit Grewal [Jimmy’s father] and had a chance to learn some things about Jimmy. This award is particularly meaningful to me as recognition of my efforts. To do well at UBC Geography takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, and the Jimmy Grewal Memorial award is a much appreciated validation. My work has focused on urban issues related to equity and sustainability. As I see it, humanity is facing an array of challenges that can be overwhelming to contemplate. By focusing on our cities I hope to be part of a movement of change that will allow us to live in a way that is responsible and mindful of our interactions with peoples and places around the world. I extend my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Grewal and all the other donors who made this award possible.

– Craig Eugene Jones

Jennifer Matchett is a recipient of the Jimmy Grewal Memorial Award in Business

I was incredibly honored to be the Sauder recipient of the Jimmy Grewal Memorial Scholarship this year. Over the past three years I have actively worked on integrating sustainability into the Sauder culture and curriculum. This award was extremely meaningful to my pursuit of a business education focused on global environmental and economic sustainability, specifically in the energy field. This award will help strengthen the sustainability focus in the undergraduate commerce program and will result in a more robust environmental business curriculum- a critical component in developing future business leaders. As I complete my last year at Sauder I am pursuing opportunities that will help me contribute to solving our national, and global energy challenge and. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Grewal and the other donors for their generous contribution to this effort.

– Jennifer Matchett

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  • Jimmy I love thanks for all being with us for a short time hope you’re in a good place in heaven . Love you Jimmy 💕

    Sarabjit Grewal, Father
  • So Jimmy past away at 17 years old. He had his whole life ahead of him. I was at TD baker when Jimmy got in trouble for swatting the school. I also remember him getting seriously injured in that fight where a weapon was used on him. Jim told me about his parents divorce and how hard it was for him and his sister growing up. This kid had a hard life. The sad reality is suicide happens to every age group, ethnic group, and does not discriminate based on sex. Jimmys story helped me realize that you can not sweat the small stuff. This kid was close to 18 years of age, if he was able to escape to BC who knows how his story would of gone. He would be in his early 30s and life was just starting life. RIP Jimmy G.

    Raju, Friend
  • Happy 31 birthday Jimmy Happy Diwali We all hope your peace up their Thank you for your great memories Love you from your day and rest of all Grewal family

    Sarabjit, Father
  • Happy 31st Birthday. We all hope your good up there. Rest in Peace. Happy Diwali. Love Dad & Rest of Grewal Family

    Sarabjit Grewal, Dad
  • Jimmy - Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. We love you! Happy birthday!

    Sarabjit Grewal , Dad
  • Damn Jimi cricket - u was always my cricket - love u so much jammi remeber i use to call u jammi - why u do that - jimsicle I use to say u my jimsicle

    Vinny Sharma, Boyfriend
  • miss u

    raju kalsi, sister
  • miss u man td baker u a wild one like keisha said

    ali ahmed, mom
  • peace bro c u soon

    alex kurkut, dad
  • Miss u jimbo slice

    harpaul dhaliwal, brother
  • "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal"--irish proverb And so very true....the loss is always going to be felt. However, the love you left with us will always remain. You continue to live in our hearts. By this time, you would've graduated and at UBC as you had planned. Thankful to your Dad, for believing in your dreams and starting this scholarship <3

    Preeti Grewal Hayer, cousin
  • Have a merry christmas in heaven, you'll always be loved and rememberd. best wishes for 2012

    travis brown, friend
  • Happy new year & season's greetings in heaven. We always miss you here.

    Muhammad Ayyub, Family Friend
  • You going to be in my thoughts forever. I just pray to Waheguru no parent has to go through this. May Waheguru bless you with lots of peace. love your thai.

    sukhjinder grewal, aunt
  • A tribute plaque in honour of Gagan Veer Singh Grewal (Jimmy) has been placed in the Student Lounge of the Geography Building. Jimmy's passion for the environment and his community will live on.

    Aryana Sye, Development Coordinator
  • Thinking of you on this day. Lisa Fratpietro

    Lisa Fratpietro, friend
  • Were doing wat we promised u and we hope u like it.. were gona make it happen .....rip peace out....u wanted me in bc n im here lots llof love from ur dad n frends

    dad, dad
  • I love u jimmy hopefully you r in peace there.Happy Birthday

    sarabjit Grewal, Dad
  • Love you always my handsome Jimmy, thinking of you and missing you so very much

    Simmi Grewal, Sister
  • I miss you every minute of every day, the pain of losing you is forever deep inside my heart, miss you so very much. I wish I could see you and kiss you and hug you and talk to you and see that beautiful smile of yours. Love you forever Jimmy, Your Sister Simmi Didi

    Simmi Grewal, sister
  • Love u Jimmy May your rest in peace.On your birthday.

    Ayyub, Family friend
  • Hello Jimmy, hope you are doing well up there. Thank you for great memories. Thank you for bringing me to BC.

    Your Dad & Family, Dad
  • You are so missed Jimmy, 5 years ago today we lost our baby brother and there's a void that can never be filled. Still remember you coming after working night shift, just to see the boys and I. You had a heart of gold. Love you and know you'll forever be in all of our hearts. Love, Preeti Didi

    Preeti, Cousin
  • Will be remembered for his determination towards family and sikh religeous inclination.He sacrifice his life for family union

    Hardev Singh Baddesha, Uncle
  • Jimmy still can not belive you are gone. You were a great person. I hope your family finds peace but this scholarship keeps your memory alive. I can not imagine their pain, your dad is a cool guy and never knew your sister but im sure you loved them alot. I wish all the Grewal family peace in their never ending grieving. God bless you all.

    Jimmys Friend, Friend
  • I love you jimmy you are always in my mind stay blessed up there.

    Satanist grewal, Dad
  • My heart aches to see you again, I can't wait to hug you and never let you go. We all miss you, mom misses your unconditional love for her. You're the best brother in the world jim, I love you more then anything. Love, Your Simmi Didi

    Simmi, sister
  • Happy birthday.Love you jimmy may you rest in peace.You ar my heart and soul. Dad.

    Sarabjit Grewal, Dad
  • Dear Jimmy, Happy Mother’s day, I hope you are doing well up there looking down on us as we always look up thinking of you. Son, I have always been proud of you and proud of what you and I have been able to do for the students of UBC for the last six years under your name. I know in my heart if you were still here with us you would have done spectacular things to make any mother and father proud but even in your absence you have helped the lives of twelve people. A lot of time has passed since you left but there is no moment where I feel you are gone, there is no moment where you are not still the strength in my heart and what brings peace to my mind in difficult times. Even now I keep healthy and strong and go to our favorite YMCA like we used to together, never missing a day because you would never let me when you were here. It is because of you I call BC my only home because it is where you always wanted to be so it is where you will always find me. You have done a lot now Jimmy, rest now in peace because you deserve it. Yours always with love, Dad, Stepmom Shindy, and rest of the family.

    Sarabjit Grewal, Dad
  • I never knew Jimmy but I knew his father, if you ever want to see him smile all you have to do is say his son's name.Believe me when I say there is no love warmer than the one your father has for you Jimmy, in your father's love you will never be forgotten.

    Prabh Sokhey, friend of father from YMCA
  • rest up jimbo taken 2 soon love u bro miss u everyday and night in and out keep space up there for me brrudda 4 ever nutthing but love jims

    gurs b, brother
  • 8 years ago today we lost you, the loss was unmeasurable but so is the love. You were the light in all of our lives Jimmy.

    Simmi Grewal, Simmi
  • rest uppp jimbo love u dog cry for u a lot man need to hug u bro love u jimmy g man wish the olddays was back bro love u man im crying so much


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