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Mary Alice Gillespie

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About Mary Alice Gillespie

Mary Alice Gillespie was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1886. Two months before she was born her father, a train engineer, was killed in a train wreck. Her mother died in childbirth. She was raised by her two sisters and worked for a time as a fish canner, and as head cook for a 300-man logging camp on Vancouver Island.

Mary applied to be the house mother at UBC’s Sigma Phi Delta, Theta Chapter fraternity house in 1963. She took the job at the age of 77 and held the position until the age of 108. Many engineering members who attended UBC and graduated during those three decades testify to her amazing contributions both to the fraternity and to its members. She was dedicated to the community and instilled a greater spirit of brotherhood through her strong character.

As the chief of the fraternity, Mary had two prized possessions: a handwoven grass basket given to her by an indigenous woman while she was working on the island; and an iron ring, a gift from a graduated member which she wore every day. In honour of her spirit, the Sigma Phi Delta’s Theta Chapter is raising funds to support a new entrance scholarship in UBC Engineering in her name.

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The impact of your support

The Mary Alice Gillespie Entrance Scholarship has been created in Mary’s memory. She was the much-loved chief of the Sigma Phi Delta’s Theta Chapter from 1963 until 1994. The fraternity is grateful for having been graced by Mary’s values of truth and honesty, discipline, leadership and her 108 years of experience.

Your gift will recognize Mary’s invaluable legacy to Sigma Phi Delta, by helping to annually support an incoming domestic student who has demonstrated success in academics, leadership and service, and who is applying for their first year in engineering at the Faculty of Applied Science.

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