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Michael Dobson

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About Michael Dobson

Michael Joseph Jones Dobson – who received his Bachelor of Management degree from UBC-Okanagan in 2009 – passed away 6 November 2012 at age 29 in an automobile accident.

Michael was born on 17 August, 1983 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He attended grade school at Hill Spring and Cardston, Alberta, before going to Brigham Young University-Provo where he received the Bi-Centennial Scholarship in recognition of past preparation and performance and promise of future achievement.

Michael found his niche studying business at what is now UBC-Okanagan. He quickly became the President of the Management Student Association (MSA) and was often torn between his coursework and his role in student government, often staying up late into the night to finish assignments. A respected leader among his peers, Michael was passionate about the faculty, his program, and his fellow students. He often found time to mentor his peers; Michael would go out of his way to help a student succeed when he saw a need. He is known for having a clear vision about the future of his school and his program and played a critical role in shaping the new business program. Michael sat on the student Senate in his senior year to develop new curriculum and otherwise helped transform the school into a UBC campus.

Throughout his program Michael built strong and enduring connections between the university and the business community and encouraged others to do the same. Michael oversaw the MSA’s participation in community service and participated in the ways and means to raise money for worthy causes.

Michael, who believed “you can never have enough friends,” met some of his closest friends while attending UBC. Training experiences, team competitions, parties, and the hot dog stand provided opportunities for him to create and build lasting friendships that have endured.

Michael was widely loved and respected. He was known for his passion and commitment in everything he undertook. Michael was well known for his Intelligence, Charisma, Humour, Anchor-like abilities, Energy, and Love. Integrity and morals were important values of his, and he treated those around him with kindness and sincerity. He was also known for having a deep respect for the women in his life. He had strong political opinions and enjoyed a good debate, but always made sure to respect the rights to all points of view. As a mentor and leader, Michael encouraged those around him to pursue their dreams. He would go without to ensure his friends were provided for.

Michael valued family immensely. He was deeply attached to his mother, going out of his way to make her life better whenever he could, and enjoying being both well-loved and well-fed by her in return. He was also very close to his father, where they enjoyed each other’s company during “special days” and weekly phone calls as they kept up with each other’s lives, sharing their passions for life and work. Over the years, Michael grew extremely close to his siblings and their children. He loved them dearly and enjoyed spending time with them when he could.

Michael loved sports of all kinds. He played “selects” basketball during his high school years and then basketball, football, golf, softball, and volleyball during or after his university years. Michael was well known for his passionate pre-game speeches. He could be counted on to know the ins and outs of hockey, football, basketball and baseball, and is fondly remembered for yelling NOT to throw the ball from 1st base to 3rd base.

Recently Michael had decided to pursue a new challenge and was preparing to sit the law school admission test in pursuit of a law degree – ambitious as always, he was determined to stay true to his desire to excel and to strive to become more than what he had started as.

Michael was known for following many of the tenets taught by his parents and his Mormon faith in the love and service he rendered to those around him regardless of differences in their faiths and beliefs.

A wonderful son, brother, uncle and friend, Michael will be deeply missed by all who knew him. Gone but not forgotten.

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The impact of your support

Your gift to the Michael Dobson Memorial Bursary will support a student in financial need at UBC-Okanagan and pay tribute to Michael’s memory and legacy.

Michael was passionate about his time as a student studying business. He reveled in his opportunity to serve as the president of the MSA for his junior and senior years. He worked tirelessly to serve the students and assist in providing a stronger and more productive educational experience. Michael challenged his friends and associates to become bigger and better than they were initially, and to make the most of their student experience.

In honour of Michael’s life, a memorial bursary has been established in his name at UBC-Okanagan.

Messages of Remembrance

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  • Christmas 2009 Mike, Jesse, and I decide to go sledding around midnight, Only problem we didn’t have any sleds. We went out to different hills and used whatever we could find to go down the hill. Sometimes it was broken sleds left behind, plastic bags, car parts, many other things that should never be used to slide down a hill with. Hours of bruising and painful sledding and rolling head over feet, going off jumps with items just barley big enough to sit on. Many times we saw mike lying motionless after a hard run. When making sure he was alright all we got was an arm raise with thumbs up. We went home at 3-4 am and proceeded to play card games for a few more hours. Would say that night was the most fun I have had in a long time before and since.

    Chris Bullock, Brother
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