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Michael Rust-Smith

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About Michael Rust-Smith

Michael Rust-Smith was a passionate Science One student at UBC who lived a joyous life, full of curiosity about the natural world. Michael was an artist, a scientist, a dancer and a free spirit who touched so many lives with his love and enthusiasm.

Fascinated by science, Michael had already begun to make an impressive academic contribution at UBC. He published a paper entitled “Oxygen Production During Photosynthesis in Aquatic Plant Myriophyllum hippuroides” and won a research grant to work with one of his professors on DNA in fungus. Michael loved the Science One program, he loved UBC, and he loved Vancouver.

Born December 4, 1990 in Washington, Michael died in Vancouver while swimming after a 10k run on May 9, 2010. He was just 19 years old. The Michael Rust-Smith Science One Memorial Scholarship will help other passionate young science students fulfill their academic dreams while honouring the memory of a young man whose life was cut short before he could fulfill his own tremendous promise.

The impact of your support

An annual scholarship has been endowed by the family and friends of Michael to honour his memory as well as his passion for studying the natural world.

Michael loved the Science One program and had already begun to make a contribution to science at UBC by publishing a paper on oxygenation by seaweeds and securing a grant for research on DNA in fungus. Michael’s life was cut short before he could fulfill his tremendous promise, and this award is created to help other students become the scientist that Michael would have been.

The award is offered to an outstanding student who has completed the Science One Program. Preference is given to a student who has embraced the philosophy of Science One, where intellectual growth comes through the expression of creativity and an inquisitive mind, and who has demonstrated a passion for the natural sciences. High academic standing commensurate with a scholarship is expected, but is not the primary criterion for this award. The award is made on the recommendation of the Science One teaching team in consultation with the Director of the Science One Program.

Your support will help ensure talented young scientists such as Michael continue to thrive at UBC and are given the tools needed to reach their full potential.

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Messages of Remembrance

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  • A perpetual smile, an infectious energy and a strong positive outlook on life. Those are the feelings I remember. It didn't matter what we did together, or who else would remember, but 'Mike Rusty' always made me feel relaxed and a whole lot less stressed. That sort of presence is hard to come by and one you wish to keep around you forever. Michael ensured that I know that feeling by how it felt to be hanging out with him. What a guy! What a guy."

    Kanaiya Mutua, Former residence advisor
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