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Dr. Samuel Segal

Messages of Remembrance

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Dr Segal’s first cousin, Victor Dirnfeld recently passed away in Los Angeles. Victor also attended UBC. Michelle Ouelette is his sister and said it would be an honor if UBC and Sonny’s fund were the recipients.

Beverly Segal, Wife
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My family is very sorry for your loss, Dr. Segal was the quintessential family doctor, compassionate, knowledgeable and kind. He always listened carefully to my father and enjoyed some humour as well. He will be missed.

on behalf of Maurice Lipkowitz, Patient
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Dr. Segal was my kind and knowledgeable doctor, and a friend. I miss him. My sympathy to the family.

Margaret Friesen, Patient
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Dr. Segal was the best thing to happen to me. Suffering from a number of medical issues, he was always a strong advocate on my behalf to get to the bottom of my issues. I moved to Kamloops five years ago and I seriously thought of flying back and forth to Vancouver just to see him if I could not medical care here. I have to say he was the best at administering shots too, I used to run away from people with needles, he had a way of you not feeling it at all. My deepest sympathies to the family. He was an extraordinary doctor, kind, thought soul and very proud father of his daughters.

Krista Willoughby, Patient
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Our heartfelt condolences to the family. Dr. Segal will always be remembered for his knowledge and compassion, as well as his quotable quips. He will always be missed.

Beverly Harwood and David Murphy, Patients
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I remember seeing Dr. Segal since when I was a teenager. He watched me grow up and start a family of my own and took great care of all of us. He always took the time and care to make sure we are all taken care of. Our condolences to his family and he will be missed. He was a great man and a fantastic doctor.

Gordon, Carina, Justin, and Anabelle Tang, Patients
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Dr. Segal was always kind, positive, supportive and helpful. He was my family doctor for over 20 years and I never had a bad experience with him. He enjoyed speaking about his 2 daughters fondly and I wish his family the best during this difficult time. You will be missed Dr. Segal. Thank you for always taking my health seriously. May G-d continue to bless you and your entire family.

David Amram, Patient
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How lucky was I to have Dr. Segal as my physician for 22 years. He was not only intelligent, caring, compassionate and funny, but most of all a great doctor and human being. Simply put: If you become 1/10 of the doctor that he was, consider yourself a great success. I miss you Dr. Segal - my deepest condolences to your family.

Gail Fryeskul, Patient
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I was so lucky to have Dr. Segal as my family for 30 years he watched my three girls grow up and a couple of my grandchildren. Any time I went to see him I couldn't hide a thing from him he knew me so well. I went through alot of ups and downs and he went through it all with me. He will truly be missed and remembered always.

Hollie Middleton, Patient
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Dr. Segal and his amazing sidekick, Sylvia, made a wonderful team that helped me and my family for nearly twenty years. We often shared stories about our children and I will miss him and his wonderful nature. A truly blessed man...

David Reeves, Patient
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Dr. Segal we so miss you. Our family was so pleased to see this memorial fund established in your honor. The photo of you brought us a lot of joy. Along with your exceptional administrative staff Sylvia, your medical TEAM made life that more comfortable for my family, "in good times and in bad times". You adhered to your oath with strong and quiet conviction and compassion. You cared for the "whole" patient, not just the illness. You preferred prevention as the first order of business before a cure was necessary. All medical professionals who are aided by this funds support must today rigorously follow these two important practices you left as a legacy. Our family misses you sir.

The Ballack Family, Patients
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While we lost touch in recent years, I fondly remember Sonny as a warm and caring man and a committed family physician. His death is an irreplaceable loss to his loving family, his patients, his friends, and his patients. He was a true role model for family doctors. Carol Herbert MD, former Head, UBC Department of Family Practice

Dr. Carol Herbert, Old Friend
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Dr. Segal was a truly wonderful doctor. My father always trusted whatever advice or treatment Dr. Segal suggested. We will miss him greatly. Our sympathy to his family.

Cara Stewart, Former Patient
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Dr. Segal was our family doctor for over 40 years. He was not only an excellent doctor, he was also an outstanding human being, full of understanding and compassion. He made a huge difference in our life. All our sympathy goes to his dear family and friends, and also to his wonderfully competent and caring assistant, Sylvia.

Mark and Sylvie Epstein and Family, Our Family Doctor
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Dr. Segal was my family doctor for over 30 years. He was always warm, compassionate and an excellent listener. Every once in a while he would regale me with anecdotes of humourous incidents from his early practice. I appreciated that he kept professionally up to date and I also appreciated his honesty. If he didn't know the answer to a question, he would simply say "I don't know" instead of guessing. I miss him and I also miss Sylvia.

Anita den Dikken, Patient
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I was one of Dr. Segal's first patients when he first opened his office in the Fairmont building well over thirty years ago. Sam (as he liked to be called) would always greet me with a handshake and call me by name as he entered the examining room. He always made me feel as if I were his only patient. In reality, he saw patients non stop five days a week, arriving well before office hours and leaving well after. He was one of a kind, and one of kindest, most dedicated and hard working people I have even been fortunate enough to know.

Greg Ruddell, Patient
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Dr. Segal was an exemplary and outstanding doctor. His knowledge and practice are a precedent for all other aspiring and seasoned medical doctors. From the time he took me on as his patient, he diagnosed and treated me with care and precision. A moral and professional practitioner, Dr. Segal effortlessly administered medical diagnosis and treatment due to what was obviously his immense dedication during his academic career and the years he spent as a doctor: I know I wont be able to replace him. He will be missed dearly.

Cheryl, Family Doctor

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