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Sean Richardson

Messages of Remembrance

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When I started working with Sean in 2009 at Predator Ridge, I told him I had aspirations to win the high school provincial championships in my grad year and that I was willing to do whatever it took to get there. Not only did Sean radically transform my golf game in a short period of time, I gained a friendship in which our lessons would involve us swapping stories related to our mutual love for fishing and the outdoors. I was so fortunate to call Sean a friend for over a decade. From spending time on the golf course to participating in a number of fishing derbies together to the time that I got caught in a windstorm alone and had to leave Sean’s boat at a friend’s dock on Okanagan lake overnight 😅 He was such a kind, patient and generous person. The times that we spent together will be cherished forever ❤️

Jordan Oelrich, Student
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I now teach golf, and many of the lessons I give now are the same lessons Sean gave me growing up. He also gave me my first fly reel when he found out I was getting into fishing. I offered him money, but he wouldn’t take it and said “just enjoy it”.

Brady Stead, Former Golf Student
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On behalf of the kids and I, we want to thank everyone who has donated to the Sean Richardson Memorial Fund. As the write up describes, Sean was always there for his family, his friends and his students. There was little that gave him more joy than seeing those he cared about succeed. We are so thankful that his passion for golf and the success of young golfers will live on in this way. Tracy, Kiana, Alexis, Colin and Ewan

Tracy Hansford, Wife
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A few weeks before Sean's passing a few of us invited him to join us at KYC for a few refreshments. Despite really struggling with his illness Sean jumped at the opportunity and we had a great evening. In typical Sean fashion, first thing the next morning he sent me a text thanking us for the evening. He went on to say "but I thought I was being invited for A beer, not 8 beer"!

Willie Cheyne, Friend, student
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Sean would often tell us he was having a bad day if it took 2 of our swings to figure out what was wrong!

Glenn and Karen Bucholtz , Students of Sesn

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