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Stephen Boersma

Messages of Remembrance

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We have fond memories of Stephen at our remote, off grid cabin on Canim Lake. One summer as a young teen, after a couple of days at the cabin, the remote off grid was sinking in and he decided he wanted to go to town with his mom to see a movie. 100 Mile House being as small as it was had one single movie option. "Bowling for Columbine". Stephen's comment afterwards..."boy this world is messed up" as drove back to the tranquility of the lake, off grid living and rowing a leaky little boat across the lake. His lovely, friendly, unpretentious nature will forever be missed by all, especially parents, siblings & family. We know he was/is a child of God, unconditionally loved by God and nothing separates Stephen from the love of God as his Father.

Stan & Faye Martin, uncle and aunt
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Extending our deepest sympathy to you during this time. Our prayers and blessings are with you.

Phillip Price & Joan Lenton, friends
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Bernita ofton asked my children & I over on Monday mornings, & would give us cheese cake, left over from her Sunday visitors.

Leigh Jane, Friend of mom
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Will always cherish all the fun times we had together. Too many to count. Fit a whole lifetime of memories into the time we had.

Gordon Yi, Colleague and friend
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A few memories I will never forget driving to Red Deer, Alberta and sharing a hotel room with Stephen, John and Matt. Going to Seattle and watching the blue jays play. Sitting at the castle in New West having drinks. Lots of memories come to mind but the best of times is when we would just sit around and do nothing. You will be forever missed.

Rachel Boersma, Sister In Law

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