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Steve Alisharan

Messages of Remembrance

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Thanks the IMBA program that enable us to knowing you and being your students. It was precious memory that we can learn from you. We always honor you as one of the best instructors of our program. Rest In Peace!

Jocelyn Wei Wei Dai, Cohort 11 IMBA Student
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Steve was phoney tough and crazy brave. Kind of a big teddy bear drill sergeant who would stare into one's (my) mind/soul/muju with Prince of Darkness eyes, the melt into the warming rays of Buddha's Smile. Yes, he was just a guy. But, what a guy....

Bill Pocock, My Spiritual Master in MBA '99-'00 and Beyond
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I remember Steve for so many things - which says a lot. I remember the colourful sweaters, the great sense of humor (albeit mostly dad jokes), and the memorable truisms like: "Playing Devil's advocate is just an excuse to s**t on someone else's ideas". Most of all, I'll remember Steve as the guy who cared deeply, taught with passion, and stuck to the rules for the right reasons. I remember I missed a case submission cut-off by a few minutes and he knew the importance of sticking to his guns. Everyone learned a good lesson that day - myself included. And cases were henceforth always on time! Farewell Steve. You were a leader and a mentor. We're all better for having met you.

Rian Gauvreau, Student
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Steve was the best accounting and one of the best teachers I ever had; in a nutshell, his lectures and classes were very interesting and fun, a really difficult combiantion for accounting topics!. I´m sure that UBC community and all the people that met Syeve will miss him very much. Roberto

Roberto Gonzalez Maiz Jumenez, MBA core student 2006
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Steve was tough on his students because he genuinely cared about our education and won't accept nothing less than our best. We all both feared and respected him at the same time-- his cold calling and dry wit also kept us on our toes all the time. Like a parent, he had a surprisingly nurturing attitude which makes it all the more difficult for us to say goodbye. So long Professor & Friend, until we meet again. PS - Here's a photo of Steve and the late Dr. Peter Frost anointing him with the Chief Toxin Handler cape during the 2003 MBA Core. Great memories.

James Chang, MBA Class of 2005
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Here's a picture of Prof. Alisharan playing TT with a few of my colleagues on the eve of 'Core No More' , in fact hours after the Project 1 report submission - do you notice the burning desire in the eyes of my colleague to play well? I am sure you do, that's what Steve got out of his students: showing up, working hard and doing well, every single day( and night).

Harsh, MBA 2008-2010
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"You have to EARN IT" - Steve's one of the most used phrases... I live by this everyday. He made us write an essay for accounting exam! Talk about out-of-the-box approach. He's an inspiration that touched many lives and is surely engraved in mine.

Arun Adhikary, Class of 2009

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