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Stewart Paulson

Messages of Remembrance

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My deepest sympathies to Carol & daughters Cathy & Ady. I first me Stew when he was the Poultry Industry Specialist for the BC Ministry of Agriculture when I first joined the Ministry as its Dairy/Pork Industry Specialist in Oct 2005. Stew introduced himself & welcomed me on my first day. His warm, infectious laugh, quick wit, storytelling, always willing to share his opinion on any matter, attention to detail, and a strong passion for the poultry industry made him an outstanding professional. I will always recall how he'd glow with this big smile on his face & exhibit a deep love & passion for his family that presided every time we chatted or went out for lunch or coffee. He took such delight & interest in my family's lives, and was so happy to share stories & achievements of his daughters (Cathy & Ady) - he was so proud of his daughters. He always spoke with deep love & respect for his wife Carol & how much she meant to him - his true rock in life. I will always cherish having known Stew & to have had him as a trusted & loyal friend & colleague & the many great memories we shared. May God bless you & look over Carol, Cathy & Ady. Rest in peace my friend.

Tom Droppo, Friend and colleague
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Carol and I have known each other since senior high school and it was through her that I met and got to know Stew. Stew had a gift; from first acquaintance, he was one of those people who felt like someone you'd known all your life. A great guy. I am very sorry he's gone.

Laura Lee Life, friend
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After returning home from the summer away, I was shocked to learn of Stew’s passing. It actually took me a while to come to terms with it, and the sadness it brought. I first met Stew 35 years ago when I enrolled in an Investing course he was teaching. This was followed up by another course on “How to Invest in Gold and Silver”. I look back on this now and smile, as neither of us made much money in either, but it was great entertainment which resulted in a long lasting, enduring friendship. Stew was extremely intelligent, and while I did not share many of his interests, we did enjoy our regular visits and the time we spent together during dinners, lunches, and coffees. He was always very interested in others, thoughtful. respectful, and he was never judgemental. He was always interested in you and offered thoughtful advice. I will miss these times greatly. Stew loved his family. Carol was his guiding light and rock, and helped him to navigate his life. Cath and Ady and their husbands were constant topics of conversation. He loved them all. He was so proud of their achievements and success’s and he was eager to share them with me. But his over riding delights were his Grandchildren. When we got together it was always a race to see who could get the pictures out first. They brought immense joy and love into his life. I will miss you Stew, and the times we spent together.You will always be with me in my memories.

Dave Cherry, Long Time Friend
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Stewart pretty well had it all and could do it all. We met over a chess game and played each other ever since. Stewart would greet with that welcoming big smile of his and in my case say 'John L. Sullivan.' (The last bare knuckle and 1st gloved World heavyweight boxing champion hailing from Boston.) That nickname stuck with me and I love it. It was the standard prelude to our chess battle. His friend Don Trotter told me over the years he played thousands of hours with him as compared to my hundreds. One of Stewart's best tournament victories was against his acquaintance Hanniegn Pitre from WA State. Hanniegn was the inaugural Champion of the prestigious Grand Pacific Chess Open in Victoria. That game was recently published in the BC Chess Bulletin as a tribute. It was more than just the game. We talked a lot. Family was the main topic. Many stories originated from Boston and Vancouver Island involving Catherine's and Adrienne's goings on - husbands included. He was very proud of his daughters and Carol's accomplishments and was forthright expressing so. En route to Kelowna for a chess tournament Stewart had something to say about every poultry establishment we passed along the way. It was most informative from perhaps 'the' authority in his field of expertise. More recently we laughed to the point of tears. Awkward situations during his visits to the Dr. would be further embellished like an impromptu comedy skit and off we would go forming my happiest memories of Stew. On the other hand if something he felt was unreasonable or unfair he wasn't one to let it slide. Unscrupulous developers or an unreasonable bureaucrats could bear testament to Stewart's resolve and determination not be taken advantage of. He was tough when it mattered. For the time he spent on house and yard projects all you have to do is just look at the place and see how it mirrored his own pride. Inside you will see antiques, art collections and products of his work. Stew also greatly appreciated music. His and Carol's traits are in their accomplished daughters and this will manifest to some degree in their own children. Consequently they too will be better positioned to be able to have and do it all like Stewart. We miss you Stew. Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan, Chess Friend
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Stew was a wonderful friend for years and we shared many enjoyable hours together as a result of our common interests. He was a great conversationalist and a wonderful host. One thing that struck us about Stew was his love of family. He was extremely proud of the accomplishments of his daughters and would gladly show us Cathy's art work or give an update on Ady's singing accomplishments. He is greatly missed and will always be in our thoughts.

Jane and Don Trotter, Family friends
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My husband and I are beyond heartbroken to hear of Stew’s passing at such a young age. I thoroughly enjoyed our dinners and engaging, thoughtful, and illuminative visits with him. I loved his warm genuine smile, too. He took the time to compose such detailed and comprehensive emails on finance and current events, that I thoroughly enjoyed. A grandparent, myself, I was overjoyed to see he experienced the same magic with his beautiful grandkids, he shared in entertaining updates and photos. Stew was indeed a one In a million gentle, brilliant, human that I will dearly miss. Keep shining, Stew, the wind is at your back now.

Sharen Cherry, Friend
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Stew left us too soon. He was caring, funny, soft-spoken and so smart. Our time together was short, but it meant so much. I was so driven to call you "Papa Paulson". Thank you for always being so welcoming. You are missed.

Alexandra Rojas, Family
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I am very sad to learn that Stewart has passed on. My earliest recollection of Stewart was at UBC where were both students in the Faculty of Agriculture. He was doing graduate work in Poultry Science and could be seen in the poultry lab conversing with with Dr Bob Roberts, his supervisor. Several years later we met up at the Ministry of Agriculture in Abbotsford, where he was the Poultry Industry Specialist. He was a very intelligent and hard working professional with interest in a wide range of subjects including chess and precious metals. Some of our best conversations were about our respective families. My sincere condolences to his wife Carol and daughters Catherine and Adrienne.

Ron Charles, Colleague
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Stew was a great guy, a mentor when I arrived at the Ministry and I enjoyed his company, wit, humor, intelligent conversation and strength of will. We would chat about trees, agriculture and one of our favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell. We had many great conversations over a glass of wine at our lunchtime venue in Abbotsford and I was always impressed how much love he had for his family and how he was so proud of Carol and his daughters. He was such a character and I will remember him always. To his family, please accept my sincerest and heartfelt condolences at your loss.

David Trotter, Work Colleague
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Stewart and I met at UBC as undergrads. When my friend Janice and I studied late, Stewart always offered to drive us home - way out of his way - to ensure the ladies reached home safely. He was an amazing young man and I shall forever be grateful for his big heart, his easy laugh, the twinkle in his eye, his passion for poultry! When we both graduated, I went north to Alaska and did not see Stewart and his lovely wife Carol for 50 years. Just last year, I made a point of finding them and we stopped by their beautiful home on our way to Hope. Fifty years is a LONG time not to see someone and we had a lot of catching up to do indeed! There was not a silent moment among us for the entire time we were together. Why had we waited so long? And now he is gone. Let this be a lesson to all. Carol and I have much in common and I want to check in on her often to ensure she is fine. I never met Katherine and Adrienne but I could see the pride all over the two of them as they spoke of their sprouts and now their grand bubbles who Stewart thankfully saw in the Spring. We miss you Stewart. Thank you for crossing our path and for leaving your mark on our lives. Big hugs for you Carol for being his loving caregiver. Bless your family. Kathryn

Kathryn Behrisch, friend
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I have so many good memories from the Paulson house. Our deepest condolences to the Paulson clan, Mr. Paulson will be missed. Thank you for letting us always hang out at your house for those endless high school nights in.

Cindy Chung, Friend of Daughter
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Our deepest sympathies to Carol and the girls. Stew was one of the first people to welcome me into the Ministry. Over the years we had many fantastic conversations not only about agriculture and poultry, of which he was very knowledgeable, but also so many other aspects of life. Above all, he treasured his family and was consistently proud of them. We could all benefit from some Stew in our lives. I'm grateful he was in ours.

Erin and Chris, Friends and colleague
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Our condolences go out to Carol and Katharine and Adrienne and their loved ones. Stew was a man who loved his wife and children as much as he loved his work. He was very protective and loved telling stories about his family and their accomplishments as well even though he didn’t tell them how proud he was of them. I think they knew. He will be missed but he isn’t in pain anymore. Rest In Peace Stew.

Doug and Tammy, Family Friend of Stew and Carol and addy
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We first met Stu and Carol 50 years ago as beginning grad students, when we were neighbors in a brand-new housing complex, Anderson Place Garden Apartments, in Davis, California. Our common bond was being Canadian foreign students! Stu was studying poultry science, and he would bring us quail and duck and other eggs to sample! We enjoyed very much having them as neighbors, and have kept in touch over all the years since, visiting them whenever we passed through Vancouver. We will miss our spirited discussions about events of the day. Stu had so many different interests. Our condolences to Carol and family, we will see you next time in Vancouver.

Peter and Patty Neame, Friends
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I was saddened to hear of Stew's passing. I remember him well from my days with the BC Ministry of Agriculture. He was always ready to engage in conversations, and the more philosophical, the better! There were occasions in which he sat in the lunch room for hours talking with one person after another. He was very engaging and made connections wherever he went. He will be missed.

N. deWith, Former colleague
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Very sad to hear of the passing of Stew. I have nothing but good memories of many a grand conversation with Stew. Our offices at the Abbotsford Agri Center we’re next door to one another and I could always count on Stew for his incredibly analytical mind for inspiration. Our conversations had a way of making me look at things differently and more thoroughly. The world needs more people like Stew, now more than ever. Warm wishes to Carol and family during this incredible loss.

Annette Moore, Colleague @ BCMAFF
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It was with sadness I learned of Stewarts passing. As a farm business management specialist/agriculture economist in Abbotsford I had occasion to work directly with Stew on several occasions. He had a passion for the poultry industry that included the speciality game bird research at UBC headed up by Dr Kim Cheng. I found Stew to be a hard working and knowledgeable person on many topics. I have fond memories of coffee with Stew. He was always interested in what our children were doing that included some bragging on both parts. Our discussions often included investments but to the best of my knowledge neither one of us made a lot of money. He will be missed.

Lawrence Hurd, Friend and Colleague
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I got to know Stu when I began to work with the Ministry of Agriculture as the Provincial Pork Industry Specialist in September 1994. At that time Ron Charles was our Manager and Wayne Wickens was our Director. We became very good friends during the 16 years I work with the Ministry of Agriculture. I found Stu to be very knowledgeable, and he used to speak comfortably on a range of issues and topics. I used to enjoy his casual office chats and some of the jokes he shared. I always enjoyed his company as a co-worker. His passing left me feeling sad. But the upside to this is that I will always cherish those good memories I have of him. My condolences to Carol and the extended family. Basil Bactawar

Basil Bactawar, Work Colleague
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I met Stew many years ago when we were students in the faculty of Agriculture at UBC. We reconnected when he joined the Ministry of Agriculture. Although we never worked directly with each other as he was the ‘chicken guy’ and I was the ‘beef guy’ I was always impressed with his commitment to the poultry industry. On a personal level I enjoyed visiting with Stew on my visits to the Abbotsford office. He was always interested in what was happening in your professional and personal life and we had many long chats. My condolences to Carol and family. Bob France

Bob France, Friend and colleague
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Stew was a long time Ministry of Agriculture colleague, always dedicated and supportive of government policy to optimize industry outcomes. Stew was extremely committed to work excellence, detail- oriented, science-informed, and passionately- devoted. Through various industry issues and crises in the late 90s and early 2000s, including the devastating 2004 hi- path AI event, Stew played integral lead roles, going the extra mile to develop well thought, relevant solutions not only with expedient timeliness, but also ingenuity and practical relevance. We chit chatted oft in each other's offices, not only solving the world's problems but also sharing family stories. Stew's pride in his 2 wonderful daughters was non-waivering. Carol and the girls will truly miss him. My sincerest condolences, Ron Barker

Ron Barker, Co-worker
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My first memory of Stew was through the eyes of the late Dr. Bob Roberts, my boss and teacher, in 1979. I enquired who the two people were standing next to Dr. Roberts in a picture on his desk. He puffed up and said with pride that it was Stew Paulson, a graduate student of his, and Carol (Stew’s future wife). At this time, I had no idea how my career path would be so linked and entwined with Stew during the years that I worked at the UBC Quail Genetic Stock Center and later the UBC Avian Research Center. I was fortunate to have Stew as one of the mentors that helped to shape and enhance my career. As a mentor and teacher, Stew showed an enthusiasm for his work and a passion to go above and beyond. What I learned from Stew, was what it meant to believe in what you do, to have high personal standards for performance, to have integrity, to take ownership for your decisions, and to find solutions even when faced with challenges. He was a role model and worked tirelessly through his life to find ways to enhance connections between the BC Ministry of Agriculture, UBC and the Poultry Industry. Stew, what you stood for lives on in my heart, and will for future graduates. Thanks for enriching my life and so many others.

Cathleen Nichols, Friend and Colleague
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Stu was a dear spirit who always lighted up a moment or two hours in sharing intimate or philosophical thoughts. We met in a drugstore, with both of us shopping for an item. 3 hours later we said that was a lot of fun and we became great buddies. Many hours were spent over the chess board. In fact, I never played with anyone besides Stu because his ingenuity, sheer enjoyment of playing with me and the incredibly complicated situations we threw at each other thrilled both our minds and hearts. He was a great chess player, and he loved losing to me, which I accommodated as often as I could. He finally beat me and to be honest, he was disappointed. He loved the thrill of our conversations and our chess games. Stu, although an academic, was a very spiritual person. His love of God or Spirit shined through him in his actions, feelings and thoughts. He was a true philosopher of life, and an enjoyment of living life together to the fullest. He loved his wife and his family greatly, and his love for them will live forever in each of their hearts. All my love to a great man and great friend!!

Harry Derbitsky, Friend
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To me, Stew was not only a colleague, but also a good friend and teacher. I benefited from his support, his analytical thinking, his willingness to share his experience and knowledge about the issues and needs of the poultry industry, and his advice on research strategy. Borrowing from lyrics of a song written by Jeff Silbar and Larry Hebley, I would like to say to Stew, ” I could fly higher than an eagle For you are the wind beneath my wings.”

Kim Cheng, Good friend

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