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Travis Duane Foster

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About Travis Duane Foster

Travis lived a bold adventurous life; through hard work and extreme dedication he excelled at anything he put his mind to. Travis grew up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and his passions and ambitions reflect that greatly. He always had a passion for athletic sports which included hockey at an early age, snowboarding as a teenager and mountain climbing as an adult.

From the day Travis started climbing, he knew that it would be his primary focus for a long time. He started collecting all the gear, began a specific training regiment to ensure his body and mind were in top form and most of all started dreaming up grand ideas of doing new cutting edge climbs around the globe. It is no surprise that because of his passion for climbing he quickly became a semi-professional athlete getting sponsorship through various grants. He coordinated elaborate expeditions to climb 1000+ metre walls in remote regions of Canada that pushed the limits of his own physical and mental strength.

Over a decade of traveling, climbing and enjoying life passed and Travis started dreaming of what is next. He wanted to be able to pass his experience of the world and genuine love of life to generations to come; so he started putting his energy into becoming a teacher. He applied to UBC, they accepted him and his amazing attitude with scholarships to match.

It was in his first year of online courses at UBC where instead of meeting and mingling with his peers and teachers, he was living out of his van and renting office space to do his school work alone. With anxiety about financial and academic hardships mounting, Travis succumbed to the unseen pressures of isolation and depression which ultimately ended with his decision to take his own life. From the outside looking into Travis’s life one would think he had a great life with lots to be happy about but it just goes to show that depression can darken even the most promising and hopeful lights in this world.

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The Impact of Your Support

In memory of Travis, all donations made here will go to support HeadsUpGuys, an online resource that supports men in their fight against depression. Your gift will pay tribute to Travis’ life and break the silence around men’s mental health, encouraging men to reach out for help. To learn more about the HeadsUpGuys program, visit https://headsupguys.org/.

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  • i have been looking through Travis’s iPad and came across a letter he had written to send with his applications to University. i was absolutely awestruck as nowhere was the guy with an attitude nor was there any resemblance to a young man who hated school. Instead there was a well written, well thought letter who I’m sure would have convinced even the hardest critis that this adult student would be a most welcome addition to their University. He had been accepted into Langara College, University of Victoria and then the ultimate the University of BC. Then COVID hit and classes were on line and via ZOOM.... not an ideal start for a person who had been out of the loop for 10 years. He would sit in a rented space looking at a computer screen for hours at a time. He had glowing references from instructors and after he died i had a message from a professor at UBC, who sang him praises and said he “was the heart of her class. While I have always been so proud of him in whatever he did, nothing could compare to all this. He showed us all it was possible to change your situation no matter what it was. I used to tell him anything in this life was possible if we worked hard to succeed. And he certainly showed me there was truth in those words... I believe today is Suicide Prevention Day and i post thid link again to raise money in his name for an online group dedicated to men dealing with mental illness called Heads up Guys..

    Maureen Foster, Mummsie
  • There is nothing I can add to what has been said,., most of what has comes from knowing him in school and his adventures after he graduated. He was and always will my by baby boy with the soft flaxen hair and the biggest and the brightest blue eyes and the longest eyelashes . When I had to identify my child in the morgue in Squamish everything me wanted to pick him and hold him and rock him as I used to but I couldn’t and the one thing that stood out was how long and lovely his eyelashes were and how they fanned out across his cheeks .. my beautiful son The only thing I can do is try to keep his memory alive by collaborating with UBC to raise money that will go to a great program for men called “Heads Up Guys”… that was too late for Travis but may save others. All the info is here to donate.. tax receipts will be sent almost immediately. I, his mummsie, thanks you from my heart

    Maureen Foster, Mother
  • This is a video done professionally in Australia. To me it epitomizes everything that Travis was.. a wild wonderful sense of adventure that scared me to death at times as shown in this video; he was courageous facing his fears head on.. taking that first step on that line, he was kind... he loved with abandon; he was smarter than he ever believed he was but most of all he was my son, my golden haired boy, my hero and my heart

    Maureen, Mother
  • Exuberant. If asked to pick a word to describe Travis that is the word I’d use. I am completely speechless. Travis brought so much life wherever he went. His ability to light up any room was remarkable. His smile is beyond words. His spirit for living his best life and throwing his whole heart into everything he did - still continually inspires me. Travis and I had not seen each other in the last few years; however, periodically got together throughout time and paths crossed. It was as though nothing had changed. From afar I watch him smash life travelling, climbing, and meeting new people. I was so proud of him always. So blessed to be able to look at his adventures and say that’s my friend. Our paths hadn’t crossed in a long while. And I am beyond sad for that. Travis held a truly special place in my heart always. I will cherish our memories together forever. I know that so many will have the most wonderful stories of such a beautiful man. The world truly lost a special person.

  • The last time I seen Travis was roughly four years ago, and at that point it had been some 5 or 6 years since we had last met... Upon meeting we embraced in a long hug before any words were exchanged. I always felt a certain connection with Travis regardless of time or distance apart. Would give alot to experience one of those moments with him again.

    Devon King, Childhood Friends
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