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Tyrell DeRose

Messages of Remembrance

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I think of you everyday. xo

mom, mom
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Ty and I have had many memories over the years. If I wasn't helping him out of some sort of crazy jam he got himself into, he was helping me. A few years ago I was struggling in a really toxic relationship. Ty had been trying to convince me that I could stand on my own two feet and be happier and healthier on my own. Turns out that my relationship ended after I was cheated on. Of course Ty was my first call that night and instead of being sad for me or sympathetic, he basically told me to smarten up, get some rest and we would figure out the details the next day. I cried myself to sleep that night and was surprised when there was loud banging on my door at 6:00am the following morning. There was Ty on my front porch, with that big smile and a hot coffee from Timmie's. He drove almost 2 hours to come make sure I was ok. We went on the greatest adventures that day.... We fished Bridge Lake, I won a 1000$ bet, his car ran out of gas and we had to hitchhike, we both got sunburt and I had the most fun I had had in years. Ty always made me feel like I was better than I believed I could be. He was my first call when life was falling apart and he was my first call when everything was going right. I am so proud of Ty, and was so looking forward to making more memories with him and Jess. I will never forget his outlook on life and I don't understand how one of the greatest people I have even known had to leave early, but I will forever be greatful to have had a friend like him. What I wouldn't give for one more day...

Josey Widdoes, Close friend
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There are so many memories but how about the time you convinced me to get on a steer at the school you were putting on at my parents. You talked up my ego and told me I could ride any steer in the pend and of course I couldn't back down from your challenge but when you turned the steer back at the latch and my feet went sky high, we quickly determined I definitely COULD NOT ride any steer in the pen! lol I can still see & hear you bustin' a gut saying "that sucker actually bucked" as you helped me up to my feet. I'll never forget that laugh and your smile. I miss you so much brother!

Montana Madill, Sister

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