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Zohreh Izadi

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About Zohreh Izadi

Dr. Zohreh Izadi was a general practitioner with a focus on pediatrics and women’s health. She spent most of her life working with underprivileged populations and volunteered as a war medic on multiple occasions, working to reduce human suffering in some of the most brutal and horrific conditions. She eventually came to Canada as a political refugee.

Aside from medicine, Zohreh had a love for poetry and literature, having written hundreds of poems, short stories, and literary articles. She also loved fine art and was an avid watercolour and acrylic painter.

Given her experiences Zohreh had great concern for the well-being of refugees, especially those from war zones. Throughout her life, she supported the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Doctors Without Borders. She also had great respect and admiration for students of arts and sciences.

The impact of your support

In memory of Zohreh’s courage, idealism and love of the arts and sciences, along with her great concern for refugees, the Dr. Zohreh Izadi Memorial Fund has been established at UBC.

Your gift will pay tribute to Zohreh’s life by supporting students to attend UBC who have demonstrated academic achievements in the arts or science. Preference will be given to refugee students.

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