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After 75 years, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is looking forward to what the next 75 will bring: more world-class research and the continued success of our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Our achievements are a direct result of the commitment of our Faculty and students, alongside that of our donors. Our dedicated friends, alumni and community partners who continue to provide financial support and gifts to our research, awards and bursaries are ensuring that our aspirations are met and surpassed. It is these aspirations that will ensure a healthy future for the citizens of our province and beyond.

Founded in 1946, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC enjoys an international reputation in pharmacy education, innovation in pharmacy practice, and research in the pharmaceutical sciences. Each year, we educate close to 900 undergraduate students and train more than 50 graduate students. Our alumni, numbering over 6,500, have established themselves as successful pharmacists, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators the world over.

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Pharmaceutical Sciences Rural Communities Placement Award

Introductory, and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE & APPE) courses are an essential part of the entry-to-practice Pharmacy degree program, accounting for 25 percent of the four-year undergraduate curriculum.

Graduate Student Professional Development Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Graduate Student Professional Development Award supports student participation in opportunities that encourage educational and career growth. Professional development activities such as conferences are core to the graduate experience and helps students build networks within their research field.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Bursary

Bursaries are non-repayable awards for students demonstrating financial need. They ensure that university education remains financially accessible to students, and that students are not prevented from starting or continuing their studies for financial reasons.

Marguerite Yee Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Alumni and Friends established this Bursary Fund in recognition of the leadership contribution of Marguerite Yee, who served in diverse roles in support of the Faculty’s professional program up to her retirement in 2009 as a Senior Instructor and Director of Student Affairs.

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      Graduate Student Professional Development Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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      Pharmaceutical Sciences Travel Abroad Award

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      Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences Scholarship

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      Marguerite Yee Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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      John H. McNeill Scholarship

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      Frank S. Abbott Scholarship

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      Gail Bellward Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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      Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Building Fund

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