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FEATURED: Small Steps for Big Changes

UBC Okanagan’s Dr. Mary Jung leads the fight against Type 2 Diabetes with her national program Small Steps for Big Changes. With donor support she wants to take it worldwide.

Past episodes

  • Ella and Ethan—from YouTube to UBC

    Ella Barrett-Chan and Ethan Chan, siblings and students at UBC, despite facing medical challenges early in life, are taking the hard lessons learned to help others with advocacy and innovation.


  • The Daniel Family keeps energy clean

    Patrick and Paul Daniel’s support for clean energy innovation is helping world-leading faculty and students at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses shape a sustainable future.

  • Dr. Tara Martin has good news

    Dr. Tara Martin’s research examines various pressures on the environment, on species at risk, and how to translate these findings into action.

  • Jaelem Bhate plays to his strengths

    UBC Master of Music student Jaelem Bhate has a promising career as a conductor and composer in both the classical and jazz genres—after an unexpected start in science.